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6 Tricks To Making Your Lipstick Last All Day

Rocking an epic pop of lip color can boost your entire look, not to mention your entire mood on a grey winter day. Alas, not all lipsticks are created equal. Sometimes, it’s halfway through the work day and you head into the bathroom, only to discover that your bold red lipstick has faded to a questionable flaky crust. We’ve all been there, right? All of a sudden, you're left with only the outer rim of color behind. Your bold lip has turned into a bold, bold mistake. If only there was a way to make lipstick last all day.

There’s no simple secret to long-lasting lipcolor, unfortunately. Even lip color that claims to last all day long has a tendency to fade away between cups of coffee and board meetings. Without scheduling bathroom breaks on the hour every hour, or whipping out your compact and applying deskside, how’s a girl to make sure her lipstick lasts all day? By adding a few extra steps to her morning routine, of course. Follow these six simple steps, and you too can prevent the horrors of limp lipstick throughout the day. (Because nobody likes a lackluster lip.) Go forth, and may your lipstick last forever.



"Lipstick won't stick to dry, flakey lips!" Ipsy founder and YouTube beauty vlogger Michelle Phan said in one of her many tutorials. Using an exfoliator like a sugar scrub, wet your lips and apply. Rub in gently — with a toothbrush, or with your finger. Doing this the night before and then applying a moisturizing balm or vaseline while you sleep is ideal, but if you don't have time, skip the overnight and scrub in the morning!


Prime With Foundation

The same way you prime your face, prime your lips. Using foundation before lipstick helps the color to stick and set to your lips. According to Augusta Falletta, Beauty Editor at StyleCaster, waterproof concealer or foundation works best.


Line Your Lips


Although clear lipliner is my personal favorite (because it works with every shade of lipstick), any matching shade will do. Line the outside of your lips to prevent the color from bleeding outside of your pout. "Lip liner is drier than lipstick and will adhere to your lips," Elsie Larson of A Beautiful mess wrote. "This will help the color stay, even if your creamy lipstick formula wears off." I didn't implement this step until my mid-twenties, and let me tell you — it's crucial.


Use A Lip Brush

Using a lip brush will help you with perfect precision when applying your color. "By using a lip brush, you can add several layers without making your lips cakey and heavy looking," makeup artist Karlene Damallie wrote o her site EstheticaMD. You don't have to use one every time, but it certainly helps. Don't forget to wash your brush!


Blot Your Lips



Apply Translucent Powder

Using a finger or a clean eyeshadow brush, dab a translucent powder onto your lips to set and seal your color. Just like you set the rest of your makeup, Elizabeth Brockway of Into The Gloss says "adding a thin layer of any translucent powder, will help set the hue."

Bring your lipstick with you in case of emergency, but following these six steps will ensure your lipstick lasts through coffee, lunch, and cocktails!