6 Uber A Theories From 'Pretty Little Liars' That Make Everyone Look Suspicious

When it comes to Pretty Little Liars, any character can be a threat. The show is true to its title and almost everyone is telling lies upon lies, complete with hidden agendas and unexpected siblings. So when determining who might be the Uber A currently tormenting the girls, things get complicated and confusing fast. The list of suspects is almost comically long, and the theories are compelling. These 6 Uber A theories will have you looking at every character differently.

Some options for Uber A seem fairly obvious. Everyone is connected now in the tangled web of secrets that make up Pretty Little Liars so a lot of the same characters are still looking for vengeance over old grudges. However, Uber A is motivated mostly by the last A: Charlotte DiLaurentis. Uber A wants to know who killed Charlotte and they want to make that person pay. That narrows down the list just a little bit, considering it would have to be someone who cared about Charlotte. Then again, it could be someone who had a relationship with her that was never explored on-camera, leaving the audience as in the dark as ever. It's not Pretty Little Liars if it doesn't throw at least one unexpected secret relationship your way.


The theory currently getting the most traction points towards one of the very Liars caught in A's eternal trap. It goes as far back as Season 3 to explain Spencer's long con, based on a reference Spencer made to the movie Basic Instinct, in which a character wrote a book about a murder she was planning to commit cover it up before it even happened. It looks like something similar happened in Season 6: Spencer wrote a paper about a murder, and then Charlotte died the same way. Tumblr user The-Outlast put forth the theory, and is able to connect Spencer to a startling number of the details. Spencer's definitely smart enough to be the mastermind behind everything, and it would alter the show in a huge – but possibly very interesting – way. Her motivation is a little trickier, but it's nothing an absurd amount of flashbacks couldn't explain away.


Those Hastings are hella shady; it's all secret love children, fake pregnancies, and creepy boyfriends who hit on your little sisters. Reddit user katriel0413 came up with a pretty impressive list of Melissa's lies and inconsistencies, pointing out that she would often appear in the same episodes as Uber A. Melissa also has some kind of connection to Cece, even if it's not totally clear what that is. She always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and while that has yet to pay off in her being actually responsible, that only means she's been better at evading justice than people know.

Andrew Campbell

It's possible that there's another unexpected branch on the DiLaurentis/Drake family tree. First there was just Ali and Jason; then Ali and Jason and Cece; now possibly Ali and Jason and Cece and Andrew. Cece ended up being the child of Mrs. DiLaurentis' identical twin, and this theory speculates that Mary Drake had two children (Cece and Andrew) and now Andrew is after his sister's killer. That would make his real name Andrew Drake – which fits in with A's new signature, A.D. And Andrew was adopted by the Campbells, so it's plausible.


Alison loved Charlotte, so her decision to expose Charlotte's murderer and get revenge would be a very simple answer to the goings-on in Rosewood. Even though Alison hasn't been giving in to her bad girl ways in the last few seasons doesn't mean her love for playing games is gone. It could come back at any time. Then again, it might be difficult for her to be running the A game while her creepy husband has her locked up in the hospital.


Jenna hasn't made an appearance in a while but that would only make her return all the more surprising. Jenna has good reason to hold a lengthy grudge against the girls for the prank gone wrong, and she's often spotted around the same time A is – once wearing that signature red coat. Jenna always finds her way to town just as things are going wrong, and it could be because she's the one causing the problems.

Elliot Rollins & Mary Drake

Elliot Rollins and Mary Drake are behind at least some of the drama on PLL right now as they conspire to torment Alison in an effort to get their hands on her money. Elliot was the only man Charlotte ever loved and he only married Alison for scheming reasons; Mary Drake is Charlotte's biological mother. They both would have their reasons for getting revenge for Charlotte's sake, but it might be too obvious to have them be behind everything going on right now.

This doesn't even take into account the myriad of other possibilities that PLL could dredge up, like Lucas, Sara Harvey, and Mona. Lucas is tried and true a red herring, Sara Harvey is always suspicious, and Mona is supposedly reformed, but you never know on this show. The only thing that's for certain is that whoever Uber A is, fans will never quite see it coming.