Tina Rowden/Netflix
'Insatiable' Is Coming Back For Seconds & People Want To See Changes

by Kathleen Walsh

I didn't ask for a Season 2 of Insatiable — I don't actually know anyone who asked for a Season 2 of Insatiable — but Season 2 is coming nonetheless. I may have found Season 1 to be fat-phobic, homophobic, transphobic, and all around deeply insulting, but I do believe in second chances. That's why I have a compiled a list of things Insatiable can change in Season 2 that might make it a satire actually worth watching.

Since the first trailer dropped, Insatiable has been mired in controversy. A petition for the show's cancellation actually garnered over 200,000 signatures. Reviews of the series could kindly be called dismal. I, myself, only got through about half of the show before I gave up in disgust. That being said, I do believe the show has its misguided heart in the right place. So maybe, just maybe, the show's writers and creators will take the criticisms to heart, learn from their mistakes, and improve in Season 2. As someone who felt personally victimized by Insatiable Season 1, I have put together a short list of ways the series can change and improve in its second season. So who knows, maybe Season 2 will be hilarious in all the right ways.

Fat Characters

I don't want any more fat suits. I want an actual fat character with an actual personality. The closest thing the series had to a fat character in Season 1 was Dee, the gay and plus-sized black woman who has been (rightly) called a perfect embodiment of the magical negro trope, since all she does is assure Nonny and Patty it's OK to be gay and fat. Token characters do not count, Insatiable.

Retire The Phrase "Skinny Is Magic"

I don't care if it's satire, nobody ever needs to hear the words "skinny is magic" ever again.

No More Gay Jokes

Though the series made a few attempts to course-correct in the second half of the season, gay characters were first subjected to hours of tired, homophobic stereotypes. Nonny's in love with her best friend! Bob likes to wear high heels and doesn't realize he's gay! Let's not do this anymore, OK?

Tread More Carefully Around Eating Disorders

Insatiable's treatment of binge-eating disorders reinforces a particularly ugly stereotype that plus-sized people are only plus-sized because they have no control over their own eating habits.

Tighter Plotlines

Look, all the offensive jokes aside, I lost track of this bananas plot really early on. Insatiable could probably benefit from a better structured storyline.

Justice For Nonny

Nonny, despite being one of the few sincere and redeemable characters on the show, really got the short end of the stick in Season 1. I'd love to see more from her. In fact, if the show just shifted to refocus entirely on Nonny, I wouldn't be mad at it.

However you feel about Insatiable, the fact is that it is coming back some time next year. So hopefully, it makes a few changes and becomes a show I'll actually want to watch.