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6 Ways Little Spoon Is Making It Easier To Keep Your Baby Healthy


All it takes is one trip down the baby food aisle of your local grocery store to know that there are a ton of options when it comes to feeding your little one. To make matters even more confusing, most of those labels tend to make similar claims promising to give your baby the vitamins and nutrients they need. With a seemingly endless amount of options available, it's no wonder if you're feeling confused about which option is "best" for your growing baby.

Here's a little secret: The best option actually isn't going to be found on the grocery store's shelves. (In fact, often those products are older than your baby due to heavy heat processing or preservatives.) Instead, you can have the best food delivered fresh to your doorstep right when you need it. Meet Little Spoon: The easiest solution for parents looking to keep their kids healthy with 100 percent organic, fresh baby food.

Early exposure to fresh, nutritious food can set your kid up for a lifetime of health and help minimize susceptibility to obesity and other diseases, according to Little Spoon. But it can also mean a smaller likelihood that you'll have a picky eater on your hands in the years to come. Keep reading to learn more about how Little Spoon is changing the game when it comes to feeding your baby the most nutritious food possible, and learn how you and your little one can try it out for yourselves.

1. Little Spoon Is Delivered Straight To Your Door

I know you're working hard to be the best mom possible to your baby. I also know that sometimes, being the best mom possible can require a bit of help — especially with a full time job, nonstop house work, and personal goals like trying to squeeze a 20 minute work out in. Luckily, Little Spoon is a subscription-based service that delivers fresh, organic baby food straight to your door every two weeks, so you don't have to worry about making your own or buying shelf-stabilized options you don’t feel great about. Just select whether you want your subscription to provide one, two, or three meals a day, choose your Babyblends (or take their quiz to get a personalized recommendation), then get back to spending some quality time with your mini.

2. Their Recipes Are Made With All The Good Stuff You Want...

And in this case, "good stuff" translates to a blend of USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients — nothing more, nothing less. Little Spoon's Babyblends menu offers a rotating selection of fresh purees (for beginners) and more complex, textured blends that are ideal for seasoned eaters or for toddlers’ snacks. Their blends are crafted with over 100 organic ingredients — from sweet potato to chia seeds — and each recipe is expertly designed for your baby's health, nutritional, and developmental needs.

3. ...& Zero Of The Stuff You Don't

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Remember that entire aisle of baby food? Those products tend to be heavily processed with extreme heat in order to make them shelf-stable. Alternatively, Little Spoon uses cold-pressure to ensure their Babyblends are safe and stay fresh in your fridge for 14 days. (This process also helps to maintain the fresh produce's vitamins, nutrients, taste, color and texture.) Oh, and did I mention they also don't include any added sugar, GMOs, or any other unnecessary additives? Talk about a win-win.

4. They Also Created A Clean Line Of Vitamins & Natural Remedies

Baby have a runny nose or can’t go number two? Little Spoon has you covered with their expert-created line of clean, concentrated vitamins and natural remedies. The easy-to-use powder formulas aim to stop runny noses, take on nutritional gaps, and keep things (read: poop) moving.

5. Your Order Comes With A Built-In Village

Little Spoon has a cult following, and it’s not just for their variety, quality, and flavors. Their Care Team is made up of former Little Spooners (aka all moms who have been there) and they're the friend every new parent needs. They’re available 24/7 through email, phone, and text to do so much more than just update your order; the intimate conversations the Care Team has had with customers led to the creation of Little Spoon’s parenting portal and digital community, "Is This Normal," where any Little Spooner can chat with moms across the US.

6. Little Spoon Takes The Stress Out Of Starting Solids

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While parts of making the big switch to solids are more of a science (like learning how much solid food your baby should be eating), details like finding foods your baby will actually enjoy can feel more stressful. With Little Spoon, parents can order a variety of fruit and vegetable blends so you can expose your little one to new flavors early and often. They also offer a quiz to get a personalized order for your baby that advances with each shipment and takes the guesswork out of starting solids.

Keep in mind that the average baby needs to taste a new flavor up to 15 times before developing a taste for it, so if you notice that your baby isn't jiving with that new sweet potato carrot blend, try mixing small quantities of it in with one of their favorite Babyblends to gradually introduce them to the new taste.

Interested in trying out Little Spoon for your little one? Check out their current menu of Babyblends on their site, then click the "get started" button to curate your baby's first custom delivery!

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