6 Ways To Kiss Like A Feminist, For An Empowering Lip-Lock

I was a late bloomer. Maybe it’s because I hadn’t fully grown into my confidence yet, or maybe I was just mildly terrified of the idea of making out on the back of a bus with a boy who had braces. An even bigger possibility, is that I hadn’t quite reached my feminist empowerment peak yet. How do you become a good kisser, let alone kiss like a feminist? At 13, I was still waffling with the idea of what it meant to be proud of who I was, what feminism meant, and whether or not it was considered cool to tell a guy I had a crush on him.

Once I got over the hump (there is a joke in here, somewhere), it got a little bit easier. After I had my first real kiss, I couldn’t get enough of it. I realized kissing was two parts mouths, plus one part confidence. Add in a dash of young debauchery, a pinch of exploration, two tablespoons of sex-positive feminist glory. Yes, there is a way to kiss like a feminist, whether you’re a female or male. And here are six ways to ensure every smooch is loaded with equality and girl power.


Make The First Move

The days of waiting around for him to ask you out, get down on one knee, and kiss you first are long gone. Don't be afraid to make the first move when it comes to kissing — or anything else for that matter. Though society might tout making the first move as "agressive", feminists know making the first move is awesome.


Do What You Like

Whether that means a little tongue, a little hair pulling, a little bitey-action?, go for it. A good kissing partner will slow you down if they need to, and if you're not sure what you like, don't forget that practice makes perfect.


Show A Little PDA

Kissing might make other people uncomfortable, and while I’m not suggesting you get down and dirty with your kissing partner on the local playground, I am suggesting that you test your boundaries and not be afraid of the big bad kissing in public wolf.


Kiss Who You Want

Yeah, you heard me. Kiss who you want, regardless of social expectations or what your friends might think. I highly recommend practicing it on willing participants across the board. Throw the weight of social expectation off of your shoulders, and lock lips with who you want.


Kiss With Pride

Don't let anyone make you feel ashamed of who, why, where, or how you kiss.


Make Sure There Is Consent

The key to kissing like a feminist lies in having a willing participants. Although you shouldn't be afraid to make the first move or do what you want, you should be sure that you're not mauling a complete stranger. Use your judgment here, people. Nobody wants their kissing partner to wind up looking like Drake up there. (Actually, I wouldn't be made if my kissing partner looked like Drake in any state... but you get what I'm saying, right?)

Images: Brook Cagle/Unsplash, Giphy (6)