6 Weird Signs You're Not Pooping Enough

The well-known children's book, Everyone Poops, got it right. Everyone really does poop. And if you're healthy, you probably don't think about it all that much, unless something changes or there's an obvious problem (or you're going on a trip with people you don't know really well and have to think through the logistics of pooping discretely). Questioning whether your digestive system is operating as it should? Then you'll want to look out for the weird signs you're not pooping enough (aside from the lack of poop in the toilet).

But before getting down and dirty, it's important how often should you go number two, Well, according to Greatist, there's no hard and fast rule on what's normal when it comes to pooping. However, most people fall somewhere in the range of three times a day to once every three days, which means most people average about once a day. Although there are some warning signs that could indicate big-time problems (pencil-thin stools, along with other symptoms can indicate colorectal cancer, according to Healthline), most changes in your bathroom habits aren't something to be overly worried about, though if you are, a gastroenterologist may be able to give you some advice and peace of mind. If you're not pooping enough, particularly if you fall outside of the normal range, and you're worried about it, getting more exercise, drinking more water, and eating more vegetables can all help make you a little bit more "regular."

But to figure out if you need to implement these habits n the first place, take a look at these signs you're not dropping enough deuces.


You Have Stomach Pain

Stomach aches, pains, and cramping can mean an awful lot of things. According to Women's Health, however, abdominal pain can also be a sign that you're not pooping enough, that you're constipated, or that you may have a bowel obstruction. If the pain is severe enough that it could potentially be a bowel obstruction, you may need to head to the ER, but if it's more mild (though still, obviously, annoying and uncomfortable) it may be a sign you need to hit the bathroom.


Your Appetite's Decreased

This could be an indicator of non-poop problems. But according to Everyday Health, not pooping enough might reduce your appetite. This can lead to unintentional weight loss if it goes on too long, which, according to WebMD, should prompt you to make an appointment with your doctor.


You're Bloated

Bloating can be uncomfortable (or it may be hardly noticeable). If you're slightly puffy and bloated, it may be a sign that you're not pooping enough, according to the aforementioned article in Women's Health. When coupled with severe abdominal pain, vomiting, and an inability to pass gas, it could also indicate a bowel obstruction, so make sure you pay attention to any other potential symptoms if you have some stomach bloating.


You're Exhausted

Feeling a bit sluggish and just, well, tired? Although this may point to a more hectic schedule or other stresses, not pooping enough can also cause sluggishness, according to that same article from Everyday Health.


You're Queasy

Not pooping enough can make you nauseous, which sometimes leads to vomiting, according to that same WebMD article. Again, vomiting can be a sign of bowel obstruction, so talk to your doctor.


You're Experiencing Back Pain

Weird, right? But, yes, your back pain may be a sign you're not pooping enough, according to the Cancer Research UK website. Essentially, in this particular situation, your back pain is due to waste putting pressure on your sacral nerves. So it turns out that going to the bathroom just may help clear up your back pain, too.