What Happens When You Stop Brushing Your Hair

For most women, brushing their hair is key to almost any beauty routine. They depend on brushes and combs to help complete a specific hair style or just to detangle your tresses post-shower. But what if they don't? There are some weird things that happen when you don't brush your hair on a daily basis.

It turns out, ditching the brush might actually do some good for your strands. According to the American Hair Loss Association (AHLA), aggressively brushing your hair can put physical stress on the hair fiber, causing the cuticle to flake and strip away. On a similar note, hair is weaker when it's wet, so excessive brushing after taking a shower can also lead to breakage. Basically, over brushing can result in split ends or even hair loss, debunking the myth about brushing your hair 100 strokes a day.

Although hair brushing has its fair share of pros and cons, things are bound to happen when you drop the beauty habit that’s been ingrained since childhood. For regular hair-brushers like me, giving up the brush seems like a nearly impossible task. But if you’re ready to embrace the “no-brush” lifestyle, here are some unexpected things that might happen when you stop brushing for a day or even the whole week.


You’ll Find More Stray Hairs In The Shower

According to Bustle, when you’re not grooming with a brush, your natural hairs will buildup and accumulate in the shower. So instead of brushes with strands full of hair, expect some clogged shower drains.


Your Hair Becomes Voluminous

Brushing your hair may cause your tresses to look a little flat. So, when you ditch the bait, you may find that your hair will have more body than they usually do, according to Refinery29.


You’ll Get More Hands-On

Without your trusted styling tool, you’ll probably start using your hands as a replacement. Because your hands are more gentle than a brush, the aforementioned Bustle article noted that it’s safer to run your fingers through your hair after a shower.


You’ll Start Using More Hair Product

Since you're no longer using a bursh, you'll need to find new ways to get rid of unwanted tangles and knots. For those poofy, frizzy hair-days, the Refinery29 article suggested taming hair with some hairspray instead.


Your Roots Get Greasier

According to StyleCaster, brushing distributes nourishing oil from the scalp to areas that need it, so you’ll probably end up with oil buildup without a brush. To hide oily scalps, throw your hair in a messy bun or a sleek pony tail.


You’ll Think About How Much You Brush

Finding different ways to look somewhat presentable will make you realize how inherent hair brushes are in our everyday life. Who knows, this method might make you consider giving your hair a brush break once in a while.