64 Of The Highest-Rated Products On Amazon You've Never Even Heard Of

A funny thing happens when you become a smart shopper — you begin spotting the same products everywhere. So much for the thrill of the find. But it doesn't have to be that way: these are 65 of the highest-rated products on Amazon you've never even heard of. They are under-the-radar goodies that have earned a solid reputation among Amazon reviewers who are lucky enough to have come across them.

And you'll soon count yourself among the fortunate shoppers.

To make it onto this list a product has to prove itself to be smart and practical, as well as extremely effective. It should solve a common problem or make life more fun, and be as totally worth the hype as its more popular competitors.

As far as categories go — this list can only be described as a mixed bag. You're about to be blown away by everything from cooking gadgets to cult-favorite products that will make your complexion glow — and then you'll get to call up 10 of your closest friends and preach on about your amazing discovery.

Get ready to learn about a vegan mineral liquid foundation with incredible coverage that few people know about (yet), a reversible griddle and grill pan that makes healthy cooking a mess-free breeze, and Italian hair serum capsules that reviewers swear by for stronger, thicker strands. And the list goes on.

The thrill of the find is about to become a reality again — and you won't have to compromise on quality.


This Fun Party Game That Will Help You Get To Know Your Friends Even Better

There's nothing better than a party game that brings friends together, encourages you to share personal stories, and keeps you laughing for hours. This is that game — one where players get to vote on which of their friends would overcome challenges like surviving a zombie apocalypse or winning a presidential election — and you'll learn more about each other in one hour than ever before.


A Vegan Mineral Liquid Foundation In A Variety Of Shades

No need to choose between natural makeup formulas and formulas that actually work — this organic, vegan mineral liquid foundation does both. It provides outstanding light to medium coverage without clogging pores and it comes in 12 shades to suit most skin tones. One reviewer writes: "It somehow makes me skin look flawless while also letting my summer freckles show through?? But my skin looks so even and healthy when I wear it."


An Eco-Friendly Food Wrap Made From Beeswax That You Can Reuse

Take better care of your food and the planet with these plastic-free reusable food wraps, which are made from beeswax, organic cotton, and organic jojoba oil. This set comes with a small, medium, and large wraps that keep food fresh for longer and are completely compostable.


The Space-Saving Collapsible Popcorn Popper Bowl For Movie Nights

Movie nights are about to become way more fun with the help of this popcorn popper, which is made from heat-resistant silicone, has convenient handles, comes with a lid, and is offered in 14 fun colors like turquoise, orange, and lime. Best of all: the space-saving bowl is collapsible so you can simply squash it down flat for storage.


This Cozy, But Breathable Throw Blanket

This cozy throw blanket is lightweight and breathable, but warm enough to keep the chill out on cold nights. Designed from a combo of Siberia down and feathers, it has box construction that keeps fill from shifting and it comes in khaki, chocolate, navy, or red. It's great to use both indoors and outdoors, for things like camping.


A Therapeutic Foot Massager With Heat And Several Massage Head Options

There are a number of foot massagers on the market — but this is the one that provides the comfort dreams are made of, including soothing infrared heat with six massage heads and 18 massager nodes that rotate. You can adjust its height to three positions for the perfect fit, and the heater can be turned on and off.


This Multi-Pocketed Purse Insert For An Organized Bag

With a total of 12 pockets, this felt purse insert keeps all of your most important belongings organized so that you never have to dig into your purse and search for what you need. The insert comes in 11 colors and four sizes, including extra-large to fit roomier tote bags.


An Anti-Theft Bucket Bag For Stress-Free Travel

Carrying your passport and a dozen or so credit cards with you on your travels? Keep your identity and finances well protected and guarded with this anti-theft bucket bag, which is equipped with an RFID blocking card and passport compartments. The bag comes in more than 30 colors and is designed with a slash-resistant body and cross-body straps.


These Hypoallergenic Bed Sheets That Are Infused With Aloe Vera For Softer Skin While You Sleep

What could be better than a restful night and softer skin when you wake up in the morning? These hypoallergenic microfiber bedsheets are infused with pure aloe vera, which soothes and promotes healthier, smoother skin. The four-piece set comes in five mattress sizes, including California king, and 11 shades.


The Mysterious Adult Party Game That Turns You And Friends Into Spymasters

This popular adult party game divides friends into two rival spy teams and provides clues to help you make contact with the secret spies who work for you. The team that successfully brings their spies together wins. One reviewer writes: "this game is a blast and easily one of the best in my collection under the $20 price point. I have no doubt I'll be able to pull this out with any type of group (gaming, friends, family, work, etc.) and have a great time. It is a must buy at retail price ($20) or less."


A Flexible, Reusable Gel Compress For Muscle Pain And Overheating

Drape it over your back to reduce pain or slip it into your pillow to keep you cool at night. This IceWraps compress is filled with leak-resistant gel that can be placed in the refrigerator or freezer and used for cold therapy. It remains pliable when frozen, it's over-sized to cover larger body parts, and it comes with a soft, machine-washable cover.


This Sonic Boom Alarm Clock That Wakes Up The Deepest Sleepers

If you're the type who can doze through an earthquake, this sonic boom alarm clock was designed with you in mind: its adjustable volume can be set to extremely loud, and it provides bed-shaking vibrations and pulsating alert lights to get you up. It has a large display that's simple to read and comes in seven colors and designs (including camo).


The Two-In-One Stylus With A Pointed Tip For Precise Drawing & Note-Taking

Opt for a stylus that's as functional as possible and can handle everything from browsing to jotting down notes and creating art on your tablet, phone, or laptop. This two-in-one stylus is a double-headed tool that's as comfortable to hold as a pen, and features a precision point with a clear disc to more accurately see where you're leaving your mark. It even comes with six replacement tips.


An Antioxidant-Rich Vitamin C Serum That Can Reverse Sun Damage

This vitamin C serum neutralizes skin-damaging free radicals, helps clear up acne, and can even reverse sun damage for a smoother, brighter complexion. Unlike other similar serums, this one contains three forms of vitamin C for a more effective boost and hyaluronic acid — which adds some serious hydration.


A Powerfully Bright Flashlight That's So Small It Fits In Your Pocket

Carry this powerfully bright flashlight in your pocket, where it takes up no more space than a pen, and pull it out whenever you need it. The sleek flashlight runs for more than six hours straight on two batteries, has a push-button tail switch, and comes in six colors.


This Gentle Green Tea Cleaning Foam That Is Kind To Sensitive Skin

Soap can be harsh, especially if you have sensitive skin. But this gentle green tea cleansing foam removes makeup, dirt, and oil using effective and kind-to-skin natural ingredients like juju organic green tea and pore-clarifying kaolin clay. Use it solo or after an oil-based cleanser as part of your Korean beauty double-cleansing routine. One reviewer raves: "It glides over the skin easily, and a little goes a long way. Not greasy, has a pleasant smell.I have combination skin with cystic acne, and I've found it doesn't exacerbate my oily spots, or my acne."


A Natural Energizer That Won't Make You Crash

This sweet-and-nutty powder has been used for centuries by ancient Inca warriors — because it boosts energy without the jittery crash that coffee has. It works great in foods and drink like smoothies or oatmeal, and one reviewer writes: "This Maca is always very fresh and delivers as a superfood. I have added it to juices, smoothies and even in chili and rice type dishes. It does improve your energy without any anxiety or hyper effects, no blood pressure issues."


These Supportive Arch Support Gels For Pain-Free Feet

Support your feet and relieve aches and pains associated with plantar fasciitis, flat foot, and plain old fatigued feet with these foot gels, which promote better arch support. The pack of two gels stretch to conform perfectly to feet and move with you, which makes them perfect for runners and anyone with an active lifestyle.


A Breakfast Station That Whips Up Two Sandwiches At Once

Make two delicious, gourmet-style sandwiches at one time with this dual sandwich maker, which features various compartments to cook ingredients like eggs, ham, cheese, and bread. The plug-in cooker has a built-in timer for perfectly cooked sandwiches, and every removable part is dishwasher-safe.


An Optical Mouse That Won't Strain Your Wrists And Hands

Unlike a standard computer mouse, this optical mouse provides an ergonomic grip that creates less strain in your wrists and hands. The wireless, vertical mouse is compatible with laptops and desktops, and features next and previous buttons for easier scrolling and gaming.


This Foldable Electric Kettle For Tea Or Coffee On The Go

Take this 8-quart collapsible kettle anywhere — including camping — and use it to boil water fast for tea, coffee, or meals like pasta. Then, when you're ready to close up shop, fold the silicone electric kettle and toss it into a bag, where it barely takes up space.


The Eyebrow-Strengthening Serum For Thicker Brows

Using effective ingredients like keratin, biotin, and panthenol, this eyebrow serum helps strengthen weak brows and fill in patchy spots. The reviewers' before and after photos are pretty incredible, too, with some going from thin to mega-thick brows in a few weeks' time.


These Circulation-Boosting Compression Socks For Long Days Spent On Your Feet

If you spend hours on your feet at work, are pregnant, or are an avid runner or traveler, you need these comfortable and supportive compression socks to boost your circulation and prevent leg aches and pains. The knee-high socks offer graduated compression and come in six colors.


An Acupressure Mat That Targets Trigger Points For Quick Relief

Relive back and neck pain by spending just 20 minutes each day relaxing on this acupressure mat, which comes with a pillow and carrying bag and features sharp acupressure prongs that target your body's pressure points. The mat can even help lessen the pain of migraine headaches and aches related to stress.


A Memory Foam Knee Pillow For Side Sleepers

Sleeping on your side can sometimes put strain on your knees and throw off your spinal alignment, which does you no favors in the morning when you wake with a few new aches and pains. The solution is this memory foam knee pillow, which supports proper spinal positioning to make your posture perfect. The pillow comes with a removable, washable cover and a travel bag.


This Smart Set Of Nine Survival Tools In A Compact Card

This emergency set of nine survival tools includes everything you can possibly need in a jam — or when you're simply trying to get odd jobs done around your house. Designed so that it's as compact as a credit card, the portable set includes a knife, can opener, bottle opener, compass, ruler, metal tweezers, and more.


The Long Pole Grip You Need To Reach Everything That's Way Up High (Or Down Low)

Whether you need to change a lightbulb in your house or grab something from the top shelf, this 36-inch pole has a magnetic grip that acts as a third, much (much) longer arm. And don't worry: the aluminum pole has rubber grippers that won't damage your belongings.


These Heat-Resistant Cooking Gloves That Protect Your Wrists, Too

These heat-resistant cooking gloves have allover grips and are both watertight and steam-proof, making them the perfect choice for food prep, cooking, and grilling. The gloves extend just enough to protect your wrists and come in three sizes and five colors.


A Space-Saving Magnetic Knife Bar For Better Organization

Free up both counter and drawer space by organizing your most beloved knives and cooking tools on this modern magnetic knife bar, which includes all of the accessories you need to mount it to your wall. The bar is strong enough to hold onto your heaviest knives and scissors, and it doubles as an organizational piece that you can mount in your garage, shed, or even your playroom.


The Natural Fruit Supplement That Kicks Colds To The Curb

This natural gummy supplement draws upon the unique benefits of the elderberry, a superfruit that protects your immune system and can help you get through cold and flu season with flying colors. The delicious vitamin also contains a healthy dose of vitamin C and zinc.


This Three-In-One Super Pot That Comes With A Grill Plate

Use this 3-quart super pot to steam, slow-cook, and even grill your favorite recipes, thanks to its accompanying grill plate. The pot features a dial with adjustable temperatures that is simple to operate and all of its non-electric parts are dishwasher safe.


A Nourishing Body Lotion Made From Hemp Seed Oil

Nourish and heal dry, damaged skin with this hemp seed oil body lotion, which is also rich in shea butter, ginseng, and vitamins C, A, and E. This natural vegan cream — which doesn't contain THC — protects skin from free radicals and is completely free of parabens and gluten.


These Travel-Friendly Hair Serum Capsules That Give You Shiny, Silky Strands

Each of these hair serum capsules contains the perfect amount of conditioning and shine-enhancing keratin and vitamins to treat damaged strands and promote new hair growth. Hundreds of reviewers agree: this serum is non-greasy, perfect for travel, and leaves your hair as soft as silk.


The Zen Water Drawing Board That Evaporates For Mess-Free Art

Fill this Buddha board with water, take hold of the bamboo brush, and get to work creating a masterpiece using just water. Then, enjoy your artwork for a few minutes, but allow it to evaporate so that you can start over again. This board provides both an artistic outlet and a lesson in Zen.


An Exfoliating Lip Scrub Made With Sugar And Orange Oil

Exfoliate chapped lips and add intense moisture with this sugar lip scrub, made with raw sugar and soothing plant oils like coconut. The vegan scrub doesn't contain parabens and the orange oil gives it an amazingly fresh scent.


This Practical Charging Station That Stores And Powers Up To Four Devices

You probably have more than tech gadget — which is why you need this practical charging station dock to store and power up to four devices, including tablets, cameras, Bluetooth headsets, and phones. The dock comes in silver or grey, and is the perfect organizational accessory to keep cables and wires in order.


A Multifunctional Reversible Grill And Griddle That Makes Cooking A Breeze

Pull out this reversible grill and griddle — and rely on it to easily cook everything from pancakes and sausage breakfasts to steak and veggie dinners. The non-stick ceramic coating makes this cooking gadget a breeze to clean and it includes a built-in drip tray to capture oil and other spills.


This Lash-Lengthening Fiber Mascara That Has A Cult Following

Get longer, thicker, lusher lashes in two steps with this cult-favorite fiber mascara, which has earned more than 5,000 positive reviews. The set comes with two tubes: a magnifying gel that sets and lengthens eyelashes, and a 3-D fiber mascara to plump them up so that they look totally glam.


The Reusable Smart Notebook That Transfers Your Notes To The Cloud

This 36-page smart notebook boasts more than a few superpowers: after taking notes, you can send them to Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, iCloud, and more before wiping them clean with a damp cloth and starting over again. The eco-friendly notebook comes in four colors and includes one Pilot Frixion line pen.


An Ice Roller For Puffy Skin And Migraine Pain

Puffy skin and headaches and migraines have met their match: this ice roller delivers instant cooling relief that calms skin and provides a soothing facial massage to reduce tension in your eyes, sinuses, and forehead. The roller comes in six colors and can be stored in your freezer until you need it.


This Eco-Friendly Bamboo Pillow That's A Dream For Allergy Sufferers

If you suffer from allergies, this eco-friendly and hypoallergenic bamboo pillow is your best friend — one that's about to make your nights a lot more comfortable (with a lot less sneezing). The pillow, which is resistant to dust mites and great at retaining its coolness, is also designed with memory foam that helps it spring right back to shape. It comes in three sizes: standard, queen, and king.


A Stress-Busting Supplement That Helps Lower Cortisol Levels

If you've tried everything to lower your stress levels and get a better night of sleep and have found that nothing works, don't give up hope. This vegan supplement gets to the root of the problem — naturally — by helping to lower cortisol levels with a blend of ingredients like ashwagandha and magnolia. It's non-habit forming and hundreds of reviewers say these pills can help you stay asleep throughout the night. Of course, talk to your doctor before adding any supplement into your routine.


The Charming Necklace That Provides Soothing Essential Oil Benefits

This cute rose-gold locket necklace, with its tree of life design on the front, is actually an aromatherapy treatment in disguise. The diffuser necklace comes with nine washable, colorful insert pads that fit perfectly inside of the locket. Add a few drops of your favorite oil onto the pad, lock it into place in the necklace, and it will emit a soothing scent throughout the day to calm and ground you.


These Time-Saving Magnetic Eyelashes For Glam Without Glue

Yes, there is a slight learning curve that you'll have to overcome to ensure these magnetic faux eyelashes sit perfectly in place, but reviewers swear that once you've mastered them, you'll never look back. The eight-piece lash set comes in sections and with more magnets than others for easier application, and — this can't be said enough times — they require not a drop of irritating glue to stay put.


This Reusable Silicone Bag For Fresher Produce And Lunches

Bid farewell to plastic baggies forever — you won't miss them when you use these reusable silicone food bags to preserve produce and keep lunch fresh for hours. The air-tight bags are safe to use in your fridge, dishwasher, and even in the microwave — and they come in an assortment of colors and prints like cute space animals and a circus scene.


A Wearable Ice Pack Hat For Headache Pain And Tension

If you're searching for a natural alternative to popping pills for that excruciating headache or migraine, try this ice pack headache hat, which provides cooling relief and compression to relieve tension in your head and around your eyes. The flexible hat is made from micro fleece, cotton, and spandex and can be worn in the privacy of your home or while you're out and about (because you can't always stay home with a headache).


An Eyeliner Stamp That Finally Gives You A Flawless Wing

You may never master the perfect cat eye — but your lack of MUA skills no longer matter because this eyeliner stamp exists to deliver a flawless wing every single time. The two-piece set comes with dual-ended liners and stamps for your right and left eye. Line your top lash line, and then apply the stamp where you want a gorgeous wing.


This Money-Saving Portable Cold Brew Coffee System

This portable coffee maker lets you take your non-acidic, super delicious and rich cold brew on-the-go, saving you tons of money and hundreds of trips to Starbucks. The quality stainless steel 40-ounce coffee maker comes with a spill-proof mug with an air-tight lid — and you can choose among four colors.


These Non-Stick Grill Mats For Your Oven Or Grill

These reusable grill mats go where no aluminum foils dares to go: they're sturdy and durable enough to handle your toughest steak or heavy skewers, and they have a non-stick finish that makes them simple to clean. Heat-resistant up to 500 degrees, you can use them in the oven or on your grill — and they're also great for capturing spills beneath oven pans.


A Pair Of Moisturizing 5-Toe Socks To Soften Calluses

Soften calluses, cuticles, and dry skin on your feet with these intensely hydrating, gel-infused 5-toe moisturizing socks. These socks were designed with a special gel lining that releases botanicals and vitamins onto your feet and gets between toes so that no dry patch is left to fend for itself.


The Otherworldly Holographic Nail Polish That's Vegan & Cruelty Free

Not only is this holographic nail polish super glam and long lasting, it's also better for the planet: it's both vegan and cruelty free. Reviewers say the quality is incredible (and better, in many cases) than more popular name brands and that the color makes them feel like a magical unicorn.


This Memory Foam Neck Pillow For Incredibly Comfortable Support

Place this memory foam neck pillow behind your neck while you rest or sleep to help promote better spinal alignment and relieve back and neck tension. This comfortable pillow conforms to your body and comes with a removable and washable hypoallergenic bamboo cover.


An Organic Moroccan Oil Formula For Skin, Hair & Nails

The moisturizing, healing benefits of this certified organic argan oil are so off-the-charts amazing that you can use it anywhere — including your skin, hair, and nails — and see an immediate difference. This high-quality cold-pressed formula is as pure as it gets, with absolutely no fillers or additives to be found.


The Most Supportive Travel Pillow You'll Find For Your Upper Body

The designers of this plush travel pillow thought of everything, including a unique way to provide total support and comfort to your entire upper body. The adjustable pillow is inflatable and can be worn across your torso or down the side of your body. It comes in five colors and will keep your head from falling forward while you snooze.


The Easy Herb Garden Kit That Teaches You How To Grow Five Popular Herbs

Grow five of the most popular herbs right in your kitchen with this foolproof herb garden kit, which includes everything you need (and a green thumb isn't a requirement). The kit includes biodegradable pots and organic seeds for growing basil, cilantro, thyme, parsley, and sage.


A Crystal Decanter That Enhances The Taste Of Wine

This crystal wine decanter adds major beauty to any dining table, but it's also functional: it provides a spill-free way to pour wine and its shape enhances the taste of vino by oxygenating the wine. This lead-free decanter is the perfect size for your average bottle of wine.


An Allover Silk Sleep Mask That Won't Pinch Your Skin

Block out light and rest your eyes without pinching them with this silk sleep mask, which has more than 10,000 reviews. The mask scores major points for its design, which includes momme silk on both sides. It's breathable, has an adjustable strap, and won't squeeze your nose or skin.


These Spicy, Sweet Honey Tubes That Are The New Hot Sauce

Move over, hot sauce. These small, portable tubes of hot honey add spicy sweetness to any meal — from chicken to pizza. The honey is made with wildflower honey harvested from hives in New York and New Jersey, chilis, and vinegar, giving it a unique blend of tangy, hot, and deliciously sweet tastes.


An Award-Winning Body Lotion That Can Heal Distressed Skin

If your skin needs serious hydration and healing, look no further than this body lotion, made with a nourishing blend of omega-7-rich macadamia oil and promega-7. This fragrance is also cruelty-free.


A Set Of Affordable Cloths That Remove Cosmetics Without Makeup Remover

You won't need a drop of makeup remover when you use these microfiber makeup remover cloths to get rid of every last stitch of makeup, including foundation and waterproof eye mascara and liner. Dampen the cloths and they're ready to go — and you can't beat the amazing price, which works out to just $1 per reusable cloth.


This Magic Cup That Instantly Chills Beverages And Turns Hot Drinks Into Iced Treats

Pour any beverage into this chiller cup — even hot coffee — and it instantly chills it by 130 degrees in 60 seconds, turning your beloved latte into an iced treat. The 12.5-ounce cup is just as effective on other drinks, including cocktails, and it's safe in the dishwasher.


These Stretchy Silicone Lids That Fit A Variety Of Containers

Wrap up and protect more foods in a variety of containers of different shapes and sizes with these silicone stretch lids, which are reusable and expandable. You'll get a set of seven eco-friendly lids in various sizes, including a large lid for things like watermelon and party bowls.


An Eco-Friendly Set Of Stainless Steel Metal Straws To Replace Plastic

Plastic straws are becoming a thing of the past — replace your with these eco-friendly stainless steel metal straws, which are long enough to fit 20-ounce tumblers and can be washed and reused over and over again. The set of eight straws comes with four straight and four bent straws, as well as two cleaning brushes.


A More Potent Vitamin C Serum That Brightens Skin

Most vitamin C serums contain no more than 20 percent vitamin C, but this one goes above and beyond the call of skincare duty with 25 percent vitamin C, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and nourishing vitamin E oil. Reviewers say this serum brightens skin, helps fade scars, and can even keep acne at bay.

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