7 '90s Nail Polishes Every Bomb Dot Com Girl Owned

Just like Cross Colours, flat tops, and mood rings, the '90s gave birth to some pretty dope beauty trends. And nail polish was no exception. The bright neon colors that were all the rage in the '80s gave way to some darker, edgier shades in the '90s. Drug store beauty brands and their department store counterparts hit the market with their bold new nail polish hues at just about every price point. And while there are way too many to name, there were some '90s nail polishes every cool girl owned.

The early '00s saw more of a lean toward neutral nail polish tones, and many of our '90s faves have since been discontinued. But as you know, trends never really die. As proof that '90s girls still have a soft spot for their favorite bottles of polish, Hard Candy paid special tribute to some of their most popular '90s shades in 2015 by launching a limited-edition 20th Anniversary throwback tin of five classic colors.

At your next manicure, why not show some love to all that was fun and utterly outrageous about the '90s, and paint your tips in a darker shade with a little bling? And while you're at it, you can rock your overalls with one strap too!


Chanel in Vamp

Created in 1994, Chanel's Vamp was a bestseller for the high-end brand. If you could afford the hefty price tag, the dark red polish was perfect for a Buffy-inspired look that was every bit grunge as it was glam.


Essie in Ballet Slippers

Ballet slippers are the first thing that come to mind when you look at this pretty pink polish that is fit for a Queen. According to Essie's website, Ballet Slippers is a favorite of Queen Elizabeth and is, in fact, the only hue Her Majesty will wear.


Essie in Wicked

A similar bloodlike shade as Chanel's Vamp, but with a cheaper price tag, Essie's Wicked is Ballet Slippers' mischievous little sister.


Hard Candy in Sky

Alicia Silvertone made this lovely light blue shade popular, when she gave it a shout out on The Late Show With David Letterman. And if the nail polish wasn't already everything, you got a free ring with the bottle. Score!


Hard Candy in Mint

If Pepto Bismol had a bright green cousin, it would probably have been Hard Candy's Mint. But that didn't stop '90s girls from loving this pastel green polish.


Urban Decay in Dude

Like Hard Candy, Urban Decay burst on to the scene with their edgy shades in the late '90s. Dude was their glittery green shade that probably would have been all the rage with the Munchkins in Emerald City.


Wet 'N Wild in Denim Chrome

Wet 'N Wild was a drugstore staple in the '90s, letting girls experiment with color without spending a fortune. Denim Chrome was their deep iridescent sapphire shade that made a bold statement without going too Goth.