7 Actually Comfortable Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women Who Just Can't

Over the years, Halloween has truly become one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. Looking back on my pregnancies, I wish so badly that I'd taken advantage of my baby bump when dressing for the holiday, but since I missed that opportunity, I'll have to live vicariously through other pregnant ladies for the time being. While comfort is most important when you're expecting, that's not always the reality when dressing up your baby bump. Luckily, there actually are comfortable Halloween costumes for pregnant women that will get you even more excited about the holiday.

From painting a motif (like a globe) onto your bare belly, to letting the shape of your belly accentuate a major part of your costume (like the yolk of a hard boiled egg), the comfortable pregnant costume possibilities are endless. Choosing the most comfortable route often means you can put less effort into an idea without slacking on creativity. Many of the comfortable costume ideas here allow you to build something from clothing pieces in your own closet and basic craft resources that are probably already laying around your home. You don't have to spend too much time or money creating a costume that's tailored to your baby bump.

If you're wondering what types of Halloween costumes can highlight your pregnancy yet still let you feel relaxed and comfortable, check out some ideas below.


Egg Yolk

Dressing your bump up as an egg yolk is a simple yet clever way to go this October. All you need is a yellow tank top and a white shirt (t-shirt, sweatshirt, or any other top you can pull over your yellow tank top). Simply cut out a large hole where your baby bump hits on the white shirt and pull it over your yellow tank top. It's a simple, adorable, and most importantly, comfortable pregnancy costume to utilize this year.



Courtesy of Ali Wilson

You've probably seen the Prego pasta sauce pregnancy announcement before, but this idea can also be an adorable and comfortable Halloween costume. Use fabric paint, fabric markers, or sew-on and stick-on elements to decorate a red T-shirt in true Prego fashion, and don't worry at all about your comfort level on Halloween as a result.


Wrecking Ball

We can't get enough of Miley and this costume is hilarious. For this Halloween look, find a grey, long-sleeve shirt like this Softwear Crewneck Top ($22, Kohl's) to pull over a black tank top ($6, H&M). Cut out a large whole in the grey shirt where your belly sits to expose the black tank top underneath as the wrecking ball. Next wrap a chain, like this nickel fixture chain ($5, Home Depot), around your neck and situate a platinum blonde barbie doll ($10, Target) onto the chain. You can also personalize the doll clothes or chop her hair to mirror Cyrus' wrecking-ball look.


Belly Paint

If you're like me, pregnancy means you always feel hot. Especially if you're in an area where the climate is warm all year, you're probably living — or at least wish you are — in wear shorts and a sports bra 24/7. Luckily, there are a number of ways you can get by dressing up your belly bump and staying cool using body paint. Halloween-themed bump ideas include painting your belly like a pumpkin, ghost, or creepy face, but you can also go with other clever ideas like a basketball, baseball, world globe, M&M, or even your favorite landscape. The possibilities are truly endless.


"Willy Wonka" Blueberry

Toward the end of both of my pregnancies, I vividly remember comparing the size of my belly to Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka — the girl who balloons into a blueberry and is promptly rolled offscreen by Oompa Loompas. This could be an extremely funny yet comfortable costume for your pregnant belly. All you need to do is find purple or blue clothing (like sweats or a shirt and pants), throw on a matching wig, and even paint your face the same color if you want to go the extra mile.


Magic Eight Ball

A magic eight ball is arguably the most simplistic yet cute and comfortable costume you can create this Halloween. Literally all you need are black clothes — whether that be a shirt and pants, sweats, or a dress like this Maternity Bodycon Scoop-Neck ($35, Old Navy) — along with a white paper plate ($4, Target), and a black marker ($1.29, Staples). Simply draw the number "8" onto the paper plate and stick it on your belly, front and center.


Halloween T-Shirt

The most laid back and simple way to enjoy Halloween this year with your baby bump is to find a cute, clever, or creepy t-shirt that highlights your pregnancy in a fun way. The Shed Outlet's Baby Ninja Skeleton Shirt Top ($13.70, Etsy) is a great example of the type of t-shirt you can seek out this October. It doesn't get any more comfortable than this and you will still feel like you're getting in the Halloween spirit and can enjoy the evening without readjusting an elaborate, itchy outfit all night.