7 Alternative Maternity Pants For Every Badass Mom-To-Be

by Sarah Bunton

When people think of what a mother-to-be looks like, some think of a radiant woman wearing flowing frocks that accentuates her pregnant belly. Though it may sound like a Mother Nature stereotype, many shopping outlets and magazines still cater to that image. Just go into any clothing store and you’ll find no shortage of delicate maternity dresses. But what about pregnant women who wear pants instead of rocking the uber-feminine look?

Plenty of women, like myself, could care less about ruffles and empire-waist gowns when it comes to how they want to dress their bump. I think the saddest fashion moment in my pregnancy was when I realized my swollen legs and ankles could no longer fit in my favorite combat boots anymore. And I’m not alone in my struggle to find an edgy wardrobe for my non-traditional style preferences. Elle recently spoke with Vanessa Newman and Michelle Janayea, the minds behind Butchbaby & Co, a yet-to-be launched maternity line for trans, queer, and masculine individuals. Clearly there are mothers-to-be that want androgynous, urban, and alternative maternity options that don't involve dresses. Well you’re in luck. Check out these maternity pants that are anything but frilly and fussy.


Abstract Trouser

Love the artsy and edgy looks? ASOS abstract print trousers ($39) have an artsy vibe that you can rock all through your pregnancy.


Roughed-Up Jeans

Everyone loves a pair of rugged jeans, right? Then you should check out Motherhood Maternity's worn-in denim jeans ($20).


Cool Cords

If you love the retro, masculine style of a corduroy Old Navy's got you covered with these stretchy courduroy pants ($22).


Business Trousers

Whether you wear them for work or you just like the look, Japanese Weekend's straight-line trousers ($22) fit the bill.


Relaxed Jumpsuit

Overalls are the cool older brother of jeans. So why not chill out in this relaxed jumpsuit from ASOS ($54) for a bit?


Bermuda Shorts

Sometimes full-on pants just don't cut it and you need a trusty pair of shorts. If you're not into the super short style and prefer a more masculine vibe, A Pea In The Pod's Bermuda shorts ($49) look great.


Funky Lounge Pants

Let's be honest, lounge pants are where it's at when it comes to comfort. You can still be comfy and fashionable in Old Navy's soft tribal print pants ($16).

Images: Augustino/Fotolia; Asos(2); Motherhood Maternity; Old Navy(2); Japanese Weekend; A Pea In The Pod