7 Amazing Things That Happen Between You & Your Baby When You Sleep Train

The term "sleep training" has sparked a lot of conversation and, unfortunately, this term has been linked with only one method: cry it out. Because of this, passionate opinion holders against crying it out erupt whenever sleep training is mentioned. The truth is, there is more than one way to train your baby to sleep at appropriate times and for recommended periods. And yes, there are approaches that are cry free methods. Without proper education on what sleep training means, many parents could miss out on the amazing things that happen between you and your baby when you sleep train.

According to the website for the National Sleep Foundation, "babies, children, and teens need significantly more sleep than adults to support their rapid mental and physical development." So if your baby isn't logging the amount of hours necessary to grow and develop in a healthy way, she made need your help learning how to relax, go to sleep, and stay asleep. Although this undertaking requires dedication and patience, the long term results are worth the effort.

An added bonus to giving your child the gift of quality sleep is all the cool moments and special times you share along the way in those dreamy twilight hours. So, if you're on the fence about sleep training, consider all these amazing things that happen between you and your baby when you take it on.


You See Them Gain Confidence

Watching your baby learn to do something on their own is a proud moment for parents, and learning to fall asleep on their own is a huge accomplishment for your baby. According to CNN, studies show that babies who were sleep trained had no increase in cortisol (the stress hormone) and fell asleep faster than babies who were not sleep trained in any way. Watching your little one is gain the confidence to do things on her own is a special moment to share.


You Share A Special Song

Part of winding down for the night can include a special song that you and your child cherish for the rest of your lives. As Baby Center pointed out, "singing a lullaby is a time-tested way to help a sleepy baby drift off." And it's likely that the songs you sing to your baby will be the same one songs your child sings to your grandchildren one day.


You Get Extra Snuggles

As you're winding down for the night, reading stories to your child can help them to relax, but it also gives you an extra opportunity to get more snuggles. Soak up those sweet times with your baby in your lap in those drowsy moments before bedtime.


You Learn More About Your Baby

As a way to find patterns in your baby's sleep, Parents magazine recommended logging your baby's naps and nighttime waking periods. Though this may sound tedious, you can learn more about your baby and what they need for sleep training with this little habit.


You Establish Trust

When the fading sleep training method is used, you can see your child grow to trust themselves to go to sleep more independently, according to Baby Sleep Site. Little ones learn to soothe themselves more as they depend less on you to fall asleep.


You Create Traditions

Whatever you choose as your child's bedtime routine will be what they associate with sleep and childhood. These tools will be the same ones your children use one day to help their own littles fall asleep. These bedtime traditions create meaningful memories for generations.


You Keep Them Healthy

When your baby sleeps, it makes her healthier. According to Parents magazine, babies need a ton of sleep because it helps them boost immunity and promotes good heart health. Knowing that your efforts are in the best interest of your bambino's health reminds you that those long nights with lots of restlessness will pay off in the future.