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7 Amber Tamblyn Quotes That Show She’s Going To Be A No-Chill Feminist Mom

Actress Amber Tamblyn announced in a Glamour article on Wednesday that she and her husband, actor-comedian David Cross, are expecting a baby girl. This is very exciting news for fans of a certain movie franchise featuring a magical pair of jeans, and now it's all on America Ferrera whether they'll do a reboot about a traveling onesie. But before we get too far ahead, let's talk about how Amber Tamblyn will be the feminist mom that America deserves... not Ferrera; I mean the country.

Tamblyn's pregnancy isn't the focus of the article, it's actually about rape culture and politics. Following the leak of an audio recording of Donald Trump bragging to Billy Bush about grabbing women "by the p*ssy" without consent, Tamblyn felt compelled to share her own harrowing story of being similarly assaulted by an abusive ex. "He picked me up with one hand by my hair and with his other hand, he grabbed me under my skirt by my vagina — my pussy? — and lifted me up off the floor, literally, and carried me, like something he owned, like a piece of trash," she posted on Instagram. After posting the story, Tamblyn explained in Glamour, "I think constantly about the world I am bringing [my daughter] into." Check out these seven quotes that prove baby Tamblyn-Cross is in good hands.

She's So With Her

Tamblyn's been a Clinton supporter since she was a teen, and she's not afraid to say what a lot of her supporters are thinking. From the Glamour piece: "When people tell me they dislike Hillary not because she’s a woman but because of her record alone, I think, 'How can you be sure?' I don’t think anyone can be. The disdain for Hillary Clinton can never be about her record alone. Powerful women don’t get to exist outside of context. To discount all the good she’s done in her 30 years of public service and pay attention to the bad is, at best, severely myopic. At worst, it erases the struggles and achievements of all women. If we are not allowed to be complex, compromising, wholly human — as human as men — then we are all disqualified."

She Knows Feminism Applies To Everyone

We're all very familiar with Trump's penchant for judging women by their looks. But if we judge him for his looks, we're no better than him, and it hardly makes the case that doing so is wrong. Besides, there is so, so much more we can mock him for; a big butt and bizarre hair are really just low-hanging fruit.

She's All About The Sisterhood

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Speaking to Interview magazine about Dark Sparkler, her book of poetry about famous women who died young, she said, "[U]nderneath everything, all of these women are the same and every woman's pain is the same." She was particularly saddened when fans at a book reading misinterpreted her page about Lindsay Lohan, which was left blank. "People think that I'm mocking her or sort of saying, 'You're next girl!' which is not at all the case; it's actually the opposite," Tamblyn explained. It was her way of telling Lohan, "You are the carrier of your destiny, and I am not going to do what everyone does to you every day, because I know how that feels."

On Misogyny

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In another recent piece for Glamour: "Misogyny. What is it? And how can you prove it exists? If you’re a woman in America there’s a 10 in 10 chance you’ve experienced it — whether you recognize it or not, whether you’re ready to admit it or not. It’s a culture that talks down to you. It’s a person, maybe a boss or a boyfriend, that wishes you would think more 'rationally' and less 'emotionally,' that wholly dismisses women’s emotional intelligence as something we shouldn’t think with."

She's Empowering Girls

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As the resident poet for Amy Poehler's Smart Girls, she's committed to showing the next generation how powerful they really are. "See everyone get the hell out of your way, see your power, your thump, your move, your shock, your quake. See all the marks on the world mean nothing compared to the marks you’re about to make."

She Will Not Resign To A Role As An Object

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From a Salon interview: "For most women, whether you’re an actress or whatever you do, there is this pressure in society and within the world to look a certain way, dress a certain way, act a certain way, say certain things, and be this idea as opposed to being a person."

She Fights For Reproductive Rights

Frustrated by politicians who think they have the right to legislate women's health care when the know nothing about it, Tamblyn and Cross made this hilarious "Gynotician" PSA, in which Tamblyn's perplexed patient asks her non-doctor, "What makes you qualified to make decisions on my health?"

I can't wait to see the great things their daughter will go on to do.