7 Apps To Make Pumping Easier

The phrase "it takes a village" applies to just about everything in parenthood, including pumping. Any mom who has spent even a few hours pumping can tell you that it's no simple task. Besides being very time consuming, using a breast pump requires you to track your output, label and sort your pumped milk, keep track of which side you're on, and so much more. If you don't have a literal village to help you out on your pumping journey, there are several apps to make pumping easier that will at least help you keep your proverbial ducks in a row when it comes to pumping.

Although I only pumped on an as-needed basis (like when we were out of town, or I really needed that date night with my husband,) I can imagine how helpful having a virtual sidekick to help log all of your pumping info would be. Especially if, like me, you aren't the greatest at remembering every minute detail in your head.

From the amounts you've pumped, to which side you need to start with next time, to when your baby ate last, to the comparison of your supply from week to week, these apps will keep everything neatly sorted all in one place, allowing you to focus on making that liquid gold and recording it all with the push of a few buttons.


Pump Log

Called the "must have app for exclusive pumpers," Pump Log (free) lets you keep track of exactly how much milk you've pumped, fed your baby, and stored. It has a timer as well as a stats chart to help you compare your supply with previous days or weeks.

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Baby Connect

Available for both Android and Apple, Baby Connect ($5) let's you do more than just track your pumping sessions. It's more of an all encompassing app to help you keep track of everything from your baby's growth to the length of time you've been pumping.

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iFeed Baby Timer

A simple app with every feature you need to keep track of your pumping schedule, iFeed Baby Timer ($5) has option to track each side you pump, as well as multiple babies on their own personalized page.

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Featured in The New York Times and Parenting magazines, the Milkmaid app ($3) is perfectly designed with pumping moms in mind. With options to track your milk stash (even when its stored in multiple locations), your favorite pumping locations, and the exact amounts your baby has been eating.

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Baby Nursing/Breastfeeding Tracker

Great for moms who both pump and nurse, Baby Nursing / Breastfeeding Tracker (free) lets you track which side you're on, whether you're pumping or breastfeeding, as well as other features like diaper changes and nap time tracking.

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LactMed (free), while not specifically for pumping, is a necessity for all moms. It's part of the National Library of Medicine's database, listing every drug, supplement, and prescription out there and whether or not it's safe for nursing moms to take.

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Breastfeeding/Pumping Tracker

The Breastfeeding/Pumping Tracker app (free) is an Android app that is perfect for keeping track of when you last pumped/nursed as well as how much your baby ate. There are also features that will be useful as your baby gets older and starts eating solids and taking fewer bottles.

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