7 Baby Naming Sites To Help With Your Seemingly Endless (and Stressful) Search


Welcome to parenthood! Your child isn’t even born yet and you’re already faced with endless decisions. What color should the nursery be? How do I make a registry? And what in the world are you going to name your little bundle of joy? The questions are daunting, but there are ways to make it easier on yourself. If you, like most expectant parents, are tired of playing the name game, you’ve come to the right place. Rather than forcing you into a endless hole of Google searches, we’ve compiled a list of the best baby naming sites to aid you in your search for a moniker for your mini.

Maybe you and your partner just can’t agree on the perfect name. Or maybe you’re dead set against naming your child after his great aunt. Maybe you shoot down every option because “you dated someone named (insert every name he comes up with) once.” Whatever the case may be, these sites will help you choose a name that you love. If you’re searching for unique, meaningful, literary, unisex or even weird baby names, I can guarantee you’ll find help from these sites. And isn’t it nice to cross something of that endless parenting prep list?

1The Site That Has It All


This site literally has it all. With more than 50,000 names, Nameberry is one of the leading baby naming sites for good reason. You can search by gender (or gender neutral), top 100 lists, celebrity names, or even the “feel” you want the name to have, such as “cool” or “international.”

2The Wizard of Baby Names


Baby Name Wizard is another great resource. And no, it doesn’t just have names like “Gandalf” and Neville Longbottom (which would both be awesome choices, IMHO.) It does, however, have charts where you can see the ranking of the names you’re considering and pages upon pages of awesome names. They’ve even published a book of baby names, in case you want to do an old school search.

3The Nymbler


Nymbler.com is a little bit different than the other sites. It allows you to choose from a list of names and then customizes results that it thinks you will like and serves them straight to your computer screen. Pretty convenient, right?

4The Straight-Forward and Simple


This site doesn’t beat around the proverbial bush. BabyNames.com allows you to explore names literally however you want to. You can search for names around the world, look for popular celebrity names, and even join the community boards to see what other parents are chatting about.

5The Go-To


As if this site wasn’t already the go-to for parents-to-be, Baby Center has a name finder too. They have lists of inspiration, or you can just search by letter, gender or meaning.

6The Back Story


If you’re one of the many parents who consider meaning when choosing a name, you’ll definitely want to check out Behind the Name. They go more in depth than other sites, offering etymologies and the history behind each first name you search.

7The Newbie


Romper doesn't just guide you to other baby-naming sites. We have out own lists too!