7 Baby Onesies For Eagles Fans, Because Your Baby Was Born With Team Spirit

Philadelphia Eagles fans are among some of the most loyal and dedicated fans in the league. They are notorious for being zealous and passionate, and often rooted in generations of loyalty. So if you are an Eagles fan, it’s a given that your baby is one, too. Super Bowl anticipation has you planning and prepping, but if you have a little fan to gear up, don't forget these baby onesies for Eagles fans. Hey, even babies have team spirit.

Whatever your game day plans are, whether it’s heading to a big celebratory party or watching the game on the couch at home, wearing your Eagles fan gear will make cheering on the team even more fun. Plus, putting your baby in a team onesie will make for terrific, share-worthy pictures, especially when the Eagles win. (Fingers crossed, right?) This game holds a lot of hope for Philly loyalists and in your baby's gear, maybe your little one can be the team's good luck charm.

There are plenty of Eagles onesies you can buy online, but with such little time left until the Super Bowl, it’s worth checking out your local stores for options. The best part is that you can hang on to your baby fan gear as keepsakes for your next baby, or pass them down to other baby fans in the family.


Philadelphia Eagles 2017 NFC Champions Bodysuit

You have the right to brag, so put your baby in this Philadelphia Eagles 2017 NFC Champions Bodysuit ($18, Philadelphia Eagles). This officially licensed, cotton onesie features the Eagles 2017 NFC Championship logo. Perfect onesie for your baby to wear to a Super Bowl party, or to lounge around in at home during the game.


Baby Philadelphia Eagles Playmaker 3-Pack Bodysuit Set

Why get one when you can get three? This Baby Philadelphia Eagles Playmaker 3-Pack Bodysuit Set ($26, Kohl’s) features three adorable Eagles onesies, each featuring the Eagles logo, prints, and wording. Perfect for cheering on the team on game day, but they’ll be totally usable afterwards, too.


Eagles "Winning Is For The Birds" Baby Onesie

This Eagles Baby Onesie ($22, Etsy) will show the world your baby’s winning spirit. This long sleeve, gray cotton onesie features the Eagles logo and the wording “Winning is for the Birds”. It’s the perfect onesie to wear when cheering on the Eagles to Super Bowl victory.


NFL Philadelphia Eagles Bodysuit

This adorable NFL Philadelphia Eagles Bodysuit ($20, Toys "R" Us) comes in the signature Eagles green, has snap buttons for easy diaper changes, and features the Eagles emblem and logo. This bold, green onesie will definitely make the perfect outfit for game day.


Sweet Baby Eagles Set

This Sweet Baby Eagles Set ($25, Baby Fans) comes with three onesies, making it perfect to switch up during diaper changes and spit up. These onesies feature sweet girly graphics, along with the Eagles logo. They come in three colors, too: pink, white, and dark green. Perfect for game day and beyond.


Philadelphia Eagles Baby Short Sleeve Creeper

This cute Philadelphia Eagles Baby Short Sleeve Creeper ($18, Rally House) is the perfect onesie to show off your baby’s team spirit. It comes in the bold, signature Philadelphia Eagles green color, along with a vivid Eagles team logo on the front.


Eagles "Sundays Are For The Birds" Baby Onesie

Let your baby tell the world what Sunday is really for with this Eagles Baby Onesie ($23, Etsy). The long sleeve, cotton onesie features the wording “Sundays Are For The Birds” along with the Eagles retro logo — a graphic of an eagle carrying a football. It comes in two colors, black and gray, and is perfect for game day.

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