7 Baby Supplies You Need In Your Car, Because Road Trips Can Be Messy

Life post-baby is never simple. Long gone are the days of grabbing your tiny purse and rushing out the door. Now, you need diaper bags, breast pumps, extra outfits, burp clothes, and snacks. So many snacks. If you thought you had enough extras stashed in your diaper bag alone, think again. There are even more baby supplies you need in your car, because there's nothing worse than being away from home and not having an essential with you.

More than just extra diapers and wipes (which definitely make the list too,) there are certain car-specific items that will make your car rides with baby that much more convenient and worry-free. Instead of scrambling for anything and everything you might need every time you leave for the car, it makes more sense to have a few pre-chosen items that stay in the car at all times. That way no matter if you're running a quick errand or road-tripping across the country, you always have at least the bare necessities on hand.

Although baby-life isn't exactly simple, with a bit of planning and foresight, you can prevent adding more stress to your life by stocking your car up with your most needed and used items.


Extra Diapers And Wipes

One of the most obvious necessities to have at all times are a few extra diapers and some wipes. There's nothing worse than smelling you-know-what from the back seat and having nothing with which to take care of it. Stow them in the glove box or in a special bag (diaper bag or otherwise) you keep in the car for occasions like these.


A Set Of Clothes

When the above situation escalates to a full on blow-out, you're going to wish you kept a spare set of clothes (a Colored Organics onesie, for example) just in case. Keep them with the diapers for simple and easy access.


A Car Seat

Obviously the most important of "car supplies" is a car seat. Read these tips from Parents for choosing the best car seat before you hook it in for good.


Water And Spill-Free Snacks

For long road trips or even short errands, having some car-friendly snacks and a sippy cup or bottle with water can pacify grumpy babies in an instant.


A "Rear View" Mirror

And no, not the kind that comes with your car. Many parents like having a mirror that they can look in to see their baby in the backseat. The Brica baby-in-sight mirror ($15) from Target is a great option.


Car Seat Covers

It's no secret that babies, even before they reach toddlerhood, are messy. Protecting your seats with car seat covers, like Amazon's car seat covers ($25), will ensure that the crumbs and spills don't ruin your actual seat.


Window Shades

When nothing else will block the sun from your baby's eyes, a window shade like the Brica stretch-to-fit window shade ($10) from Target will keep their eyes protected.