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7 Beauty Benefits Of Pregnancy To Help You See The Silver Lining Of The Next 9 Months

It's no secret that a lot happens to a woman's body during pregnancy. Yes, you will probably have heartburn, swollen feet, and feel the uncontrollable urge to pee at the most inconvenient times. And the sight or smell of certain foods may send you running for the nearest toilet. But there are also some really great things about being pregnant — besides giving birth to your baby, of course — that you may not be aware of. If you're feeling anxious about your growing belly, knowing some of the beauty benefits of pregnancy may put a smile on your face.

An increased level of estrogen — that pesky hormone that can be blamed for your nausea and spider veins — is also doing some pretty cool things to your body during your pregnancy, as noted on What to Expect. In addition to a fuller décolletage, you may find that you have thicker hair, stronger nails, and a clearer complexion as a result of your pregnancy. And even though some of these beauty benefits go away once you give birth, they're awesome enough to give you a reason to take plenty of pics over the next nine months.

So if you're feeling down about having to put away your skinny jeans for a few months, just think about some of these great natural beauty bonuses. And even if you can't see your feet for a while, you'll have great reasons to want to stare at your face instead.


Thicker Hair

Even though you may not have the time or energy to visit your salon as often during your pregnancy, your hair may look better than ever. According to Baby Center, increased levels of estrogen will keep hair from shedding. As a result, your hair will appear fuller and thicker. Some expectant mamas will also notice their hair is shinier than normal.


Glowing Skin

You can put that bronzer away for the next nine months. While you're waiting for your baby to arrive, you'll have a natural glow. As Latina pointed out, pregnancy causes women to produce 50 percent more blood. As a result of all of that extra blood flowing through your body, your face will have a little more color than normal.


Improved Complexion

Although some moms-to-be experience breakouts that could rival any teenager's, some lucky ladies actually have clearer skin. As Parents pointed out, the increase of pregnancy hormones can cause a clearer complexion in some expectant women during their pregnancy.


Longer Nails

Short, brittle nails shouldn't be an issue while you're expecting. According to Fit Pregnancy, pregnancy hormones will cause your nails to grow faster than normal.


Fuller Breasts

If you've always needed help filling out your bra, you may do a double take in the mirror during your pregnancy. According to Latina, increased levels of estrogen and progesterone will cause your breasts to grow throughout your pregnancy.


Wider Hips

As Parents pointed out, during the third trimester, the ligaments in the hips soften to enable the birth canal to widen in preparation for labor. So when you are finally able to get back into those skinny jeans, you may discover some sexy new curves.


Fuller Lips

There may be a reason your pout is a little more prominent during pregnancy. According to the American Pregnancy Association, pregnant women retain extra fluid during their pregnancy to help their bodies expand as the baby grows. As a result, they often experience swelling in the hands, face, legs, and feet.