7 Beauty Benefits That Come With Pregnancy, Including That Gorgeous Glow

by Lindsay E. Mack

Pregnant ladies are inherently beautiful, but they do not always feel that way. A few years ago one of my friends was pregnant with her first child, and although everyone praised her healthy glow and gorgeous hair, she felt less than fabulous. She couldn't see it, commenting instead on how she felt like she was falling apart. Because all pregnant ladies deserve to see their beauty and feel great about themselves, it’s important to note the real beauty benefits of pregnancy.

And yes, there are benefits. From a curvier form to that famed pregnancy glow, there are many ways that pregnancy boosts your inherent gorgeousness. Even if you feel less than thrilled about your changing body, those around you probably just see the good things. After reading about these pregnancy beauty benefits, hopefully you can also see that ways pregnancy has made you even more stunning, even on days when you’d give anything to just be done with the whole ordeal already. Read on to learn how pregnancy beautifies your hair, skin, and nails, as well as the surprising effect it may have on your other features. (Hint: you may not need any lip plumper for nine months.)


Fuller Hair

It isn't just your imagination: your hair is probably a lot fuller during pregnancy. According to Women's Health, your pregnancy's estrogen levels may stimulate your follicles, leading to thicker, fuller hair. Whatever the case, you can enjoy Rapunzel-level locks for a few months. 


Glowing Skin

"You're glowing!" is not just a figure of speech. The American Pregnancy Association finds that the pregnancy glow is a real phenomenon that may be caused by your increased blood flow and circulation, as well as hormonal changes. It's like your skin is naturally producing a look that many women try to achieve with highlighter and brighteners.


Boosted Bustline

If you've recently bumped up a cup size, thank your pregnancy hormones. As noted by the National Health Service, many women experience an increase in breast size during pregnancy as hormones (such as oestrogen and progesterone) help their bodies gear up for breastfeeding.


Stronger Nails

During pregnancy, your nails may grow more quickly than normal, and resist breaks like a champ. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, many pregnant women report fast-growing, strong nails during pregnancy. So if you've always wanted the perfect canvas for your nail art, now may be the time.


Bigger Lips

So I only found anecdotal evidence for this potential beauty booster, but it looks like some women experience a fuller pout during pregnancy. In Style even covered Kim Kardashian's claim that she experienced much fuller lips as a result of pregnancy hormones.


Lower Voice

If your voice seems lower and more excellent during pregnancy, you aren't just imagining things. According to Today, pregnant women may experience vocal changes thanks to the production of extra mucous. Gross cause, but a cool effect, right?


More Curves

If you're feeling less than sexy with your pregnant body, take heart: Psychology Today reported that many men found the pregnant form very attractive indeed. And although I could not find scientific data for this, it's likely most other women think you're absolutely gorgeous with your glowing, growing body. So take pride in your pregnant body, because you're totally beautiful. 

Images: Courtesy of Sean McGrath, theritters, Omarukai, osesline, Lydia Pintscher, Christine Roth, Evonne, Vladimir Pustovit / Flickr