7 Beauty Mistakes You Make After Working Out (And How to Fix Them)

by Lindsay E. Mack

Makeup and fitness don’t always have the best of relationships. After all, you have trouble keeping makeup in place on a sizzling summer day. Now imagine doubling the sweat and adding a few burpees. It’s not pretty. But still , day after day, women workout while donning a face full of foundation. This is just one of the common workout beauty mistakes people seem to make.

Whether it’s wearing a full face of makeup to Zumba class or spraying a too-strong perfume in the locker room, beauty faux pas collide with fitness more often than you think. For instance, I once ruined a manicure while changing a bike tire. My hand got too close to the deflating tube, and the escaping air straight-up blew the paint off my thumbnail. Not my brightest moment, but it did save me from having to use stench-ridden nail polish remover. Anyways. . .

After a few makeup mishaps, most people have learned how to properly prep their face for the gym. But perfecting the post-workout beauty routine is equally important. While it can be tempting to just join your friends for brunch in your sweat-drenched duds, your complexion will thank you for taking a few extra minutes to freshen up. So for anyone who wants to look like less of a mess after working out, here are a few common post-workout beauty mistakes and how to fix them.


Skipping The Cool-Down

A cooldown is necessary not only for your recovery, but also for your beauty routine. Taking the time to breathe and stretch gives you a chance to stop sweating, which will make things like showering and applying cosmetics a lot easier.


Postponing The Shower

Hanging out in sweaty workout clothes can cause breakouts, so it’s a good idea to hit the shower as soon as your workout is done. Can’t get to a shower right away? Some alcohol wipes and change of clothes can work wonders.


Complicating Makeup

If you’re doing makeup at the gym, good locker room behavior dictates that you take as little time as possible. This means streamlining your routine to the bare necessities and saving the extra for when you’re home.


Miswashing Your Hair

This one varies based on your hair type, workout choices, and schedule. Generally, if you exercise indoors and don’t sweat too profusely, then some dry shampoo post-workout may be all you need. However, if you exercise outdoors in the heat or swim in chlorinated water, then a post-workout shampoo is essential to maintaining your healthy locks.


Mistreating the Feet

Your body goes through hell during exercise, but no appendage suffers more than the feet. So make sure you treat them well. Take some extra measures to prevent blisters, and wash them post workout to minimize your risk of athlete’s foot


Neglecting the Nails

Nail care is important for your health and appearance alike. Also, it’s a good idea to make sure your nails are free of dirt and chain grease after your workout. (This may be more difficult than expected after a mud run). A little nailbrush and even some degreaser soap might make a good addition to your workout bag. In general, good toenail care can help prevent infections and ingrown nails.


Avoiding All Fragrance

A certain body spray may have you swearing off any locker room fragrance application, but hear me out. After a post-workout shower, a light, clean scent can make you feel extra refreshed. Fragrance, when applied lightly in an open space, is a great way to finish your cleanup routine and get you in the mindset for less sweaty pursuits.

Images: Courtesy of Mateus Lunardi Dutra, Håkan Dahlström, Steven Depolo, West Point - The U.S. Military Academy, CrossFit Fever, Dawn, Dave Rosenblum, JBLM MWR/Flickr