7 'Beauty & The Beast' Baby Names That Are Truly Beautiful

If you're planning to give your child a Beauty and the Beast-inspired baby name, then you're making the right decision. The story of a small-town girl and her hairy friend has always been my all-time favorite films. Belle is an avid book-lover who stands out from the crowd but doesn't care what anyone thinks. She chooses adventure and selflessness over the self-absorbed Gaston who thinks he's entitled to marry her and falls for the beast who learns how to love. Why wouldn’t you want your child to carry that message through their moniker.

Baby names from Beauty and the Beast, though they require a little brainstorming, are certainly beautiful and not as "in your face" as some Disney names (you don't see many Simba's out there, do you?). They all have a French flair which instantly lends them ridiculous amounts of class.

When I was little, I always pretended my name was Belle. She seemed like the perfect role model, and was the only brunette Disney princess at the time, so naturally I loved her. As an adult, I still can't wait for the day when my little girls will watch it with me and fall in love with the characters as much as I have. Naming your child after this classic fairy tale will give them the boost they need to grow into a thoughtful person who is able to see past appearance to who a person truly is.



This is the most obvious choice for Beauty and the Beast lovers if you're expecting a girl. A name meaning beauty, it is a fitting moniker to pass onto your gorgeous girl. Besides, who wouldn't want a smart, independent, book-loving, role model to look up to?



Though Maurice is the name of Belle's father, it actually makes a great name for boys and girls alike. This name has an old time-y feel that would be a unique choice and not an obvious shout out to the film.



This classy French version of Philip means lover of horses, which is appropriate considering it was the name of Belle and her father's horse.



The magic rose in Beauty and the Beast was given to the Prince by an enchantress. He had to learn how to love someone besides himself before it wilted. The gorgeous flower would be the perfect name if you're looking to subtly hint at the movie.



Lumiere is kind of a mouthful, so why not opt for the French word for light.



A longer version of Belle, and meaning pledged to God, this beautiful name has seen a comeback in recent years and is the perfect name if you're looking for something a little bit longer.



Though there is a debate about whether or not this was the Prince's name, Adam is still a worthy contender for baby boys. Meaning son of the red earth, it's a great choice that doesn't scream Beauty and the Beast.

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