7 Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Your Hair

Is there anything coconut oil can't do? I've been wondering the same thing ever since coconut oil became all the rage. One of the best ways to use this miracle product is as a deep conditioner. The benefits of coconut oil for your hair are resplendent, and can make your locks healthier than some of the most posh and pricey conditioners out there. In fact, Lisa Carroll, a stylist for Ludlow Blunt in New York City tells Romper that coconut oil is the best thing to put on damp hair . "It's 100 percent natural and your hair follicles absorb it quickly," Blunt explains. "A lot of people think protein is best for hair, and protein rich conditioners are good, but for the deepest conditioning, a natural oil is best."

According to Glossier, the small molecular structure of coconut oil "increases your cell turnover rate, making it ideal for rejuvenating treatments." In other words, because it's such a pure and natural product, your body absorbs it quickly and uses it efficiently. Marina Strom, one of the herbalists from the highly holistic Earth Tu Face line told Glossier that she adores coconut oil for the hair because it's "powerfully protective and hydrating." This is great news for winter hair, which like the rest of your epidermis, gets extra dry with the cold weather. But what are the other benefits of coconut oil for your hair?


It's A Natural Sunscreen

Strom cites the natural sunscreen found in coconut oil as another reason to use it as a leave-in conditioner. Especially because, as Real Simple reported, too much sunlight will dry out hair (even in winter months) and can cause undesired changes to your hair's color.


It's Rich In Antioxidants

Besides fighting harmful free-radicals that can harm your body, according to New Beauty, antioxidants help hair grow. This is especially important for the winter months, when, according to The Huffington Post, hair growth slows down.


It's A Non-Greasy Oil

Strom told Glossier that coconut oil "contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs)," which are fatty acids that are easily absorbed by the body. So, while it's an oil, it won't leave your tresses looking greasy. Carroll's pro tip is to apply coconut oil to the ends of your hair only if you're going out. This will prevent your hair from getting weighed down by the product.


It Makes A Dope DIY Hair Mask

If you plan on staying in for the night, Carroll's favorite hair treatment requires just a spoonful of coconut oil warmed between your palms. Then apply to your entire head, including your scalp. Cover your head with a shower cap and apply heat directly (a hair dryer works fine), and then sleep on it. In the morning, don't shampoo your hair, but wash it thoroughly.


It's Used By Models To Repair Damage

It's not all glam being a model, or so I've heard. Sizzling curling irons, harsh lights, and galloons of products can wreck havoc on a model's hair. What do the pros reach for? Yup. Coconut oil. And if it's good enough for professional beauties like Lindsey Wixson and Carolyn Murphy, I can't wait to get my paws on it. And Gwyneth Paltrow swears by coconut oil. The GOOP guru is all about it, and, well, she gives good hair .


It's A Key Ingredient In Professional Products

Celeb hair stylist Sally Hershberger is an internationally known hair empress, who created her own line of hair care in 2008. One of her latest products, 24K Golden Touch Nourishing Oil contains, you guessed it, coconut oil. So while you can purchase this pro product for $40, you can pick up a jar of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for $11.


It Smells Like Vacation, Which Doesn't Just Benefit Hair, But Life

Just a whiff of coconut oil in your coiffure can transport you from your dreary day at the office to a tropical island far, far away. Cosmopolitan reported that certain scents can ease anxiety, and anything that reminds me of a tropical isle is sure to get me carried away... if only for a moment.

So whether you're doing a deep treatment mask or just revitalizing split ends, coconut oil is an ideal beauty product for product junkies and newbies alike.