7 Best '90s Book Series That Your Tween Is Totally Ready For

I was obsessed with The Baby-Sitters Club books when I was growing up (any Claudia fans in the house?), so, of course, I can't wait to introduce my girls to them when they're old enough. The series was pretty instrumental in turning me into a lifelong reader, and I'm sure it will turn the next generation of BSC fans into book lovers too. If the '90s still holds a special place in your heart, then it might be time to introduce the best '90s book series to your tween, or at least reread them yourself.

If you're envisioning digging through your childhood bedroom or parents' attic to unearth your old collection of BSC, Sweet Valley High, or R.L. Stein Goosebumps books, you can ditch that plan. That's because many '90s series, including those three, have been updated to attract a modern audience.

Sweet Valley High got a makeover in 2008, and while the plotlines remain the same, some small details — like the school paper now being a blog, and the band, The Droids, now renamed the Valley of Death —have changed to feel more current, according to The Cut. Scholastic also released an updated version of The Baby-Sitters Club series in 2009, after seeing great success with their 2008 reboot of the Goosebumps series, according to The New York Times.

While the covers might look different, the characters and storylines are still the ones you know and love.


The Baby-Sitter's Club

The Truth About Stacey, $5, Amazon

Anne Martin's Baby-Sitters Club series sold more than 176 million copies, according to Amazon, and introduced the world to four fierce friends. Whether you related more to Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, or Stacey, you loved reading about all their dramas. The series is recommended for ages 8 to 12, so it may be time to get your tween started on the series ASAP. And if you ever wondered what happened to the 4 BSC girls when they grew up, read this interesting interview with the series' author.



SlappyWorld, $7, Amazon

I can still remember being simultaneously terrified and thrilled reading the R.L. Stein Goosebumps books, and they made sleepover talk that much spookier. 10 years ago, Scholastic even launched a new series called Goosebumps HorrorLand, reported The New York Times.

So whether you want to have your tween read the original Goosebumps books, or the new Goosebumps HorrorLand books, chances are they'll be rapt by R.L. Stein's creepy tales.


The Saddle Club

Horse Crazy, $6, Amazon

Were you horse crazy back in the 90s thanks to The Saddle Club book series? Bonnie Bryant might just have been one of the most prolific authors of all times, writing more than 100 Saddle Club books — but some were clearly better than others. Is it time for your tween to get in the saddle? Absolutely.


Sweet Valley High

Double Love, $6, Amazon

Ahh, the Wakefield twins, with their long blond locks and good-and-evil antics. Your tweens will love reading about how Jessica and Elizabeth deal with all the typical high school drama, but there are some pretty unexpected plotlines too, like when the twins become nannies for a royal family... Sure, why not.



Ramon Collection, $27, Amazon

Remember the Quimby family, with spunky Ramona and big sister Beezus (Beatrice)? This 8-book series by Beverly Cleary started in the '50s and continued until 1999. Your tween will love the timeless (and humorous) books just as much as you did.



The Message, $7, Amazon

I never got into this sci-fi series that was huge in the '90s, but my brother did, and he was kind of obsessed. The first six books in the series have been given a makeover, so if your tween is into magical powers and saving the earth, Animorphs will be a huge hit.


Girl Talk

The New You, $16, Amazon

You might not totally remember Girl Talk books, but you probably do remember the Girl Talk game, with its zit stickers and fortune cards (marriage, children, career, and special moments), and the spin-off Girl Talk: Date Line game. If you want to introduce your tween to a real throwback, the series — and the games— will show them just how much times have changed.