7 Best Positions For Hangover Sex You'll Definitely Want To Try

You're hungover. You don't even want to think about moving. But then your partner rolls over and suggests getting your endorphins flowing to fight off your current state of hellacious hangover. When the opportunity presents itself, you need to know the best positions for hangover sex, so that you can battle your hangover in the sexiest way possible, without making things worse.

According to Men's Health, breaking a sweat and getting your blood pumping is one of the best ways to ward off a hangover. But if you're thinking about getting sexy to sweat out the sauce, you don't want to get yourself into too adventurous of a position — because you might make things worse. Hanging upside down from your mattress is the last place you want to be when dealing with a hangover. You're in a delicate state when battling a hangover, and your methods of recovery should definitely reflect that.

Rather than wing your next post-party romp and let your less-hungover partner take the wheel, keep the following best positions for hangover sex in your back pocket for the next time you need a quick fix for your morning after malady. Because what better way to cure a hangover is there?


The Saucy Spoon

Everybody knows how to spoon. This just turns your favorite comatose position into one that includes intercourse. "Chances are you didn't have a calm, relaxing night," sex expert Emily Morse told Cosmopolitan. "Make up for it in the morning by cuddling and doing it in lazy positions." Does it get lazier than spooning? According to Morse, you need moral support and body contact during your hangover, and the sexy spoon is one of the best ways to get both of those things.


Side By Side Sex

Facing one another while you're both lying down is an easy, low key way to get your sex in during a hangover. All you need to do is arrange your legs this way or that way until you find the perfect position for your partner to enter you, according to Bustle. Then, with minimal effort, the sex is being had. Hangover, be gone.


Mutual Masturbation

If you don't think you can stomach being touched while you're battling your hangover, try touching yourself instead. Because having an orgasm releases oxytocin and endorphins into your blood stream according to Medical Daily, it will temporarily help to relieve you of your hangover symptoms. Which means that bringing yourself to orgasm is just as effective as your partner getting you there. Rather than explaining to your partner that you might get nauseous if they touch you (because, yikes), try suggesting mutual masturbation instead, and enjoy the view.


Sofa Sex

If you've ventured up from your place of slumber to reposition your hangover on the sofa, consider using the seating arrangement to your advantage. Stocked with pillows to hold you up at angles you might not be willing to hold yourself up at during this stage of your hangover, the sofa provides you with a plethora of options for getting laid, and feeling like a champ. "You're already in the assumed position (on the couch), and from there, just swing your legs over so you can straddle him while you're facing each other," Tristan Weedmark of We-Vibe told Your Tango. Good for commercial breaks, good for Netflix and Chill, good for your hangover.


Sitting Up Sex

If you think you can manage sitting up without the world tilting on its axis, give some sitting up sex a shot. According to Men's Health, it's one of the most popular sex positions for couples. Not to mention with you on top, you'll have better access to getting yourself to orgasm, which means faster relief of your hangover symptoms. Don't go at it too fast, though. Or you might wind up regretting it. Take it nice and slow, enjoy the control you have, and get yourself off at your own pace.


Good Ole' Missionary

Though you might feel like missionary is a little boring, it still gets the job done at the end of the day. (Or first thing in the morning.) According to Women's Health, it's the perfect position for you to lay back and let your partner exert the effort. And while I'm not saying you should just lay there, if you feel like you need to then this is a good position to do it in.



"People are all about instant gratification," Morse told Your Tango. "What better way to delay the suffering from last night's liquid damage than to have an orgasm? For however long it lasts, you're temporarily released from your hangover purgatory." If you don't think you're up for the full monty, but you're still dying to get rid of your hangover, and your partner's dying to get their hands on you, why not let them go down on you? It doesn't get much more effortless than that, does it? Once you've gotten over the proverbial hangover hump, you can get more hands on in your approach. Until then, enjoy your hangover sex to the best of your ability.