7 Best Sex Positions For Uncoordinated People

Let's face it — not everyone in the world is an acrobatic goddess in the bedroom. It's just not plausible. If everyone was able to bend over backwards mid-sexual encounter, there would be no need for shocking articles with wild sex positions on the covers of your favorite magazines. But because not everyone is a natural gymnast in the bedroom, it's time to cover the best sex positions for uncoordinated people. Because uncoordinated people need love too, OK? And not just in the missionary position.

Though diving into the world of wild sex positions may seem frightening for those of you who are prone to tripping or fumbling,there are several positions that work perfectly for beginners. Even if you simply consider yourself to be a mildly uncoordinated position, some of the latest sex positions being showcased as the best can seem a little bit daunting. So rather than trying to go the extra mile and winding up in a perplexing situation the next time you're getting frisky with your partner, why not suggest one of the following sex positions for uncoordinated people and ease yourself in? Because you're not all Olympians, and you deserve to have great sex.


The Soft Rock

This twist on missionary position will amp up your next romp in the sheets, according to Cosmopolitan. Instead of your usual position, ask your partner to slide two to four inches forward and have them place their arms on either side of your shoulders, letting their body fall flat against yours. With your legs touching your partner's, push your pelvis up just a few inches. Your partner should push down gently to provide resistance, and instead of your usual thrusts, try rocking up and down. Because of the slightly altered position, you should be able to create extra friction with your clitoris up against the base of your partner's penis. Not too difficult, and it'll get you extra mileage in the sack.


The Dragon

According to Kama Day, a site dedicated to positions in the Kama Sutra, the dragon is a perfect position for women who are less than coordinated. While you lie on your stomach with your arms above your head, place a pillow under your stomach to give yourself a little bit of lift. With your partner behind you, have them lie with their body over yours in a mimicked position. Rather than fast thrusting, your partner should take up slow circular swirling motions to get the full effect.


The Ride Of Your Life

For an intimate and super sexy romp with your partner, Cosmopolitan recommends trying the ride of your life between the sheets. With your partner on their back, lower yourself down onto them while facing them, beginning in the kneeling position. With your knees on the bed, curl your feet around the inside of your partner's legs before you lean down and begin riding for your life. Moving in small, tight motions will give you and your partner some serious pleasure without getting too tricky.


Girl On Top

Licensed sex psychotherapist Vanessa Marin told Bustle that girl on top sex is one of the best and easiest positions for those that may feel underqualified when it comes to the wild world of sex positions. Once you've mastered climbing on top of your partner, Marin recommended trying a few variations on the position. "Try playing around with a number of different ways of moving your hips," Marin said. From grinding in a slow circle to changing the angle of your body by leaning forward, or backwards so that you can access your clitoris while on top, there are plenty of ways to make this easy position totally mindblowing.


The Reverse Cowgirl

While reverse cowgirl might seem a little daunting, if you take it slow, you'll be sure to drive you and your partner wild. According to Men's Health, reverse cowgirl is one of the sex positions you need to know. With your partner lying back with their head propped up on a pillow, with your back to your partner's torso, lower yourself down onto your partner, placing a knee on either side of your partner's body. With your partner's hands on your hips, you can control the speed of your session, and blow your partner's mind.


The Bed Spread

If you're unsure of any acrobatics, Cosmopolitan recommends the bed spread as a safe and sexy position for you and your partner. Bending over the side of the bed so that your torso is pressed against the mattress and your feet are on the floor, have your partner stand behind you and lift your legs from just above your knees, holding them apart and thrusting. With most of your body weight supported by the mattress, you're free to dig your hands into that comforter and enjoy the experience.


The Chair

If you're willing to try something that uses another piece of furniture besides the bed, sexologist Vanessa Marin told Bustle that getting busy in a chair with your partner can be a simple and delicious way to spice things up. With your partner sitting in a chair (a short and sturdy chair without wheels), lower yourself onto your partner just like you would in the girl on top position. With both of your feet on the ground, you'll have a lot of leverage to choose the speed and rhythm for you and your partner. In this position, Marin said it's easy to move up and down, and easy for you to to switch it up in circles or a figure eight pattern.