7 Best Smelling Lip Glosses Of The ‘90s That Smell Like Teen Spirit

If you were a teen in the ‘90s, makeup was less about giving yourself a fresh face, and more about having fun. Your Caboodle was probably stocked with Hard Candy nail colors, Sun In, and a variety of sensationally scented lip-glosses. After all, you had to make sure your lips were sweet and soft, in case you had a random encounter with a Zack Morris look-alike in the halls (or AC Slater, if you go for the tall, hunky, athletic type). Though you may have upgraded the contents of your makeup bag since then, there’s no doubt that the best smelling lip glosses of the ‘90s still give you the same warm and fuzzy feeling you had on your first date with that cute guy from your Pre-Algebra class.

Whether you preferred the fruit, candy, or soda-inspired flavors, these fun glosses were guaranteed to give you a perfectly shiny pout that would even make Kylie Jenner jealous. So pucker up and check out this roundup of some of the most scent-sational lip gloss pots, tubes, and tins of the '90s will totally take you back to a time when MTV actually played videos, and everyone smelled like CK One.


Bonne Bell Lip Smackers In Dr. Pepper

A budget-friendly drugstore favorite, Lip Smackers were a must-have for any '90s girl. While there were lots of awesome scents to choose from, Dr. Pepper was one of the brand's top sellers. Who wouldn’t want their lips to smell like a can of soda?


Maybeline Kissing Koolers In Tutti Fruiti

This dome-shaped tube will undoubtedly take you back to your first kiss. Maybeline's grape-scented marbleized gloss was guaranteed to have you (or your crush) licking your lips with delight.


Naturistics Sweet Lips In Cherry

Every budget-conscious beauty had one of these fruity tubes in their purse. And while we can't confirm that everything inside this lip balm was natural, it sure smelled good.


Stila Lip Glaze In Bubble Gum

Hands down, this one wins the award for stickiest gloss ever. But the sweet scent of bubblegum would make anyone want to click that pen for more.


Lancome Juicy Tubes In Marshmallow Electro

These tubes lived up to their name, leaving lips shiny and smelling like s'mores with every application. But at $18 a pop, this high-end gloss might have been a little more than your babysitting money could buy.


Body Shop Kiwi Fruit Lip Balm

Every '90s girl had to get their fix of The Body Shop's deliciously aromatic lotions and soaps. This fruity jar of lip balm was no different. What it lacked in color, it certainly made up for in flavor.


Village Lip Lickers In Bubble Gum

Who doesn't remember sliding open this shiny metal tin to find a sweet, sticky coat for your lips? The best part, it was small enough to keep in the pocket of your jean jacket.