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7 Beyonce-Inspired Makeup Tips, Straight From The People Who Make Her ***Flawless

Even if you don't have her entire album memorized, you can't deny the fact that Beyoncé is drop-dead gorgeous. Whether she's on stage, the screen, or just hanging out with Jay Z and Blue Ivy, Beyoncé's face is always ***flawless. And if you're anything like me, you're probably dying to know what it takes to get her amazing look for yourself. Well, lucky for you, there are an abundance of Beyoncé makeup tips available from the people who help keep her looking her best at all times.

From how you apply your foundation, to the type of lipstick you use, to your end of day rituals, there are some very easy things you can add to your makeup arsenal and ways to alter your makeup routine that will immediately make you feel like the Queen Bee. You may not have your own glam squad, but you've got the next best thing. So take these tips and run to the nearest drug store (or wherever you buy your favorite beauty products )and get ready rock Beyoncé's amazing look yourself. But fair warning. Utilizing these tips may cause the paparazzi to stop you the next time you're in line at the grocery store.


Make Sure Your Foundation Matches

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Francesca Tolot, who did Beyoncé's makeup for the MTV Video Music Awards, told Refinery 29 readers to select foundation that matches your face and neck perfectly. She suggests applying a dot on your chin to test before applying.

Try: Stila Aqua Glow Serum Foundation, $45, Amazon


Take Advantage Of Mascara

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In a separate interview with Stylist, Tolot said she makes Beyoncé's eyes pop with the help of a good mascara. MAC In Extreme Dimension is her personal favorite.

MAC Mascara in Extreme Dimension, $30, Amazon


Go To Bed With A Fresh Face

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After a long day of being glammed up, Beyoncé always goes to bed au naturale. In an interview with Glamour, the singer said her mother always advised her to wash off her makeup at night.

Try: Radha Beauty Natural Vitamin C Facial Cleanser, $12.95, Amazon


Go With Glitter

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Sir John Barrett, who helped Beyoncé get camera-ready for Lemonade, told the LA Times that metallics are they key to going glam this summer. Experiment with gold, silver, and yes, glitter.

Try: Mallofusa Baked Shimmer Eye Shadow, $7, Amazon


Line The Eyes

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Sir John told Self that eyeliner is an easy way to add a subtle hint of color to your eyes, something he foes with Queen Bey. Go for a jewel tone and make your eyes sparkle.

Try: Stila All Day Eyeliner in Emerald, $22, Amazon


Rock A Red Lip

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When Beyonceé doesn't have time for a full face, Sir John told Elle that she opts a long-wearing red lipstick. That shade can make even a Plain Jane slay.

Try: NYX Matte Lipstick in Perfect Red, $6, Amazon


Apply Blush First, Bronzer Second

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What's the best way to add a pop of color to a tired face? Sir John told LA Times that Beyoncé applies a light, cream blush with your fingertips and follows up with her favorite bronzer.

Try: HAN Cosmetics Natural Cheek Tint, $14, Amazon

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