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7 Bikini Rules You Don't Have To Follow. Ever. Again

With the warm weather finally making its way to this side of the globe, that means bikini season is soon to follow. Whether you frequent the beach, pool, or just like to walk around town showing a little midriff, bikini season nearly forces you to get in some type of sun. Unfortunately, summer has historically also been an occasion for women to feel their bodies are inadequate, thanks to old rules that bodies had to meet certain criteria to sport a two-piece bathing suit. Fortunately, there has been a huge backlash against that nonsense. Those rules about who can wear a bikini are gone, and good riddance.

When I was younger, I struggled with insecurities about my body. From not feeling like I was slim or fit enough to being self-conscious about my small breasts, wearing bikinis or any type of swimsuit was not in the game plan for me. To me, it was just embarrassing to be out in public in swimwear because I felt as if everyone was looking and judging. As I got into my 20s, though, I started to realize that what everyone deems as perfect, successful, or beautiful isn't always what I have to be. After having this epiphany, I started wearing what I wanted to wear, going where I wanted to go, and doing what I wanted to do. Of course there was still a bit of caution there, but the growth of going for what I wanted was incredible.

Even if you've been told "you shouldn't wear that" or "that's not for your body type," if you feel comfortable in it, go for it! That means finally saying goodbye to these seven rules for who should and shouldn't wear a bikini. If you have a body, you can wear a bikini. So get ready for the beach!


Only Wear One If You Have A Flat Stomach

Despite what society wants you to think, plus size and full figure women are proving that they too can sport bikinis for their body type and look just as good in it.


You Can't Wear A Bikini Past Your 20s

Whoever said that you have your best body in you 20s had it all wrong. Many older women in their 40s (like fitness trainer Pilar) and 50s feel as great about their bodies as they ever did and enjoy showing them off when they're headed out to the water.


Thongs Are 'Classless'

If you're feeling comfortable enough to go almost bare bottom with your bikini choice, you do you.


Your Breasts Have To Be A Certain Size

Whether you're an A or D cup, wearing a bikini is your right if you choose to do so. For busty women, finding the right tops can be difficult, but sites like ASOS, Swimsuits For All, and Torrid offer great options.


You Should Wear A Cover Up If There Are Families Around

Your body, your decision. Just because there are a few families around, it doesn't mean you have to turn off your confidence when wearing a bikini. After all, the weather calls for you to show a little skin!


You Have To Have Clear Skin

Bacne can be a real deterrent from wearing a bikini, but just remember that everyone gets acne in places that they don't like. While you may not be totally comfortable with showing your breakout zone, know that you have just as much right to uncover it as anyone else. Also, it's unlikely anyone is focusing on your back or breakout area while at the beach. Even if they are, be confident in everything about yourself.


You Should Wear Name Brands

While sporting the newest swimsuit from Victoria's Secret is totally cool, sometimes going for name brands if they aren't on sale can be taxing. Yes, I would love to look like an Angel too, but my pockets don't scream "you have your wings" yet. Stopping by stores like Target, Forever 21, and H&M will give you a trendy yet affordable option for your bikini needs.