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7 Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Kids


Although there's a lot of concern about the blue light from digital devices these days, sometimes it's difficult to pry adults away from their screens, let alone kids. Thankfully, there are plenty of eyeglasses brands that offer blue light filtering glasses for kids. A digital detox is great in theory, but sometimes the only thing standing between your kid and an absolute meltdown is that next episode of Peppa Pig. With these glasses, at least your kid might avoid many of the potential side effects of blue light emission while playing on their electronics.

So what exactly is blue light, and why are some people concerned about its effects on health? The wavelength of light emitted from phone, tablet, and computer screens may be working against people's natural clocks. "Blue wavelengths — which are beneficial during daylight hours because they boost attention, reaction times, and mood — seem to be the most disruptive at night," according to research from Harvard Health. By spending time gazing into screens, especially after sunset, people may be tricking their brains into staying awake longer than needed. It's one reason why some sleep experts recommend shutting off tablets and other blue light-emitting devices well before bedtime, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

If you want to protect your kid from blue light, whether they get under an hour of exposure a day 80% of their waking hours in front of a screen, frames with specialty lenses can help. Disclaimer: research into the effectiveness of these glasses, though, is ongoing. "The use of amber-tinted spectacle lenses during the use of electronic devices immediately before bedtime has shown promise as a strategy to reduce their altering effects," according to The American Optometric Association's Infant & Children’s Vision Resources, "but such filters require more investigation before this practice can be advocated." Still, for parents who want their children to browse and still make it to bed on time, here's where to shop for blue light glasses for kids.

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1. Pixel Eyewear

Pixel Eyewear’s frames for kids are a flat rate of $75 and are geared towards children ages 8-13. Their lenses have an anti-smudge coating which is great for all glasses-wearers, especially children. If you like their kids’ offerings, you’ll probably like what they’re making for adults, too.

2. Pair Eyewear

Kids can accessorize their accessory when you order from Pair Eyewear. The frames come with a “top frame” that magnetically attaches to the base, so kids can stock up on top frames and change up their look often (without you having to shell out for a whole new set of eyewear every time your child has a fashion emergency). Before you commit, sign up for their try-on kid to be sent to your doorstep. It comes with cardboard cutouts (so that you don’t have to return them) of each base frame so you can see what they look like on, before ordering. Frames start at $60, and there’s an additional fee of $49 for blue light lenses.

3. Fitz Frames

If you’re looking for a perfect fit — literally — the eyewear from Fitz Frames are all made-to-order. Their app takes measurements of the wearer’s face and prints a pair of frames (using a 3D printer) that are designed specifically for their face. Founded by a mom of 3 who understands how particular children can be, kids can customize their frames even further by adding text (like their nickname) or their favorite animal. To decide which style looks best, use the app’s try-on feature to get a virtual sense of how each frame will look IRL. Blue light lenses cost an additional $30 in addition to the frames.

4. CalmOptics

CalmOptics offers blue light blocking glasses for kids (as young as 3), teens, and adults. Their frames will withstand most accidents, so you don’t have to worry if your kid isn’t the most gentle when it comes to their things. Their glasses come with a 1-year warranty, and ship fairly quickly (within 3-5 days).

5. Felix Gray

Available in both prescription and non-prescription lenses, glasses from Felix Gray use a proprietary lens to filter out blue light. There's even a line of yellow-tinted sleep glasses for kids designed to filter out the blue light that messes with melatonin secretion. In other words? Your kids can play on their tablets into the nighttime hours and still conk out when it's bedtime — well, hopefully. Frames start at $95.

6. Foster Grant

The sunglasses brand Foster Grant also designs eyewear specifically for blocking blue light. Made without any magnification, their line of digital glasses for kids has spring hinges (for optimal comfort). They even have a line of “gamer” glasses with tinted lenses. Frames start at $21.

7. Jonas Paul

The blue-light lenses in Jonas Paul’s glasses cost $15, and frames for kids start at $55. You can request a try-on kit which will be shipped to your door and, and in the box you’ll get seven pairs of frames to try for kids or teenagers. Since they’re real frames, you’ll have to return the goods within a week, but they’re a great way to see how the frames will look on your child’s face IRL. The hinges are bendable and built to withstand most things your kid puts them up against.

8. Crystal Hill

Crystal Hill, a computer and gaming shop, offers these lightweight computer glasses for kids. They’ll fit kids as young as 3 years old. 10 cents of each glasses sold is donated to the Eye Cancer Foundation.

Whatever their sense of style, there's a pair of blue light glasses your kid will love. Even if science is still hammering out the long term effects of excessive exposure to blue light, these lenses can at least help protect your little one's eyes for the time being.

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