7 Bottle Feeding Hacks That Make Feedings A Whole Lot Easier

They may be small and only eat one thing, but feeding a baby can be tough. Keeping up with their schedule, preparing bottles, and cleaning it all up afterwards is enough to make anyone crazy, especially when you're operating on only a few hours of sleep. But before you go pulling your hair out, there is hope for new parents. Feeding time doesn't have to be stressful. There are bottle feeding hacks that will make the process a lot smoother.

Taking time to prepare baby's bottles in advance, making use of your dishwasher to keep bottles clean, and investing in some bottle feeding accessories are just a few ideas that can help when you feel like you're drowning in bottles and formula. Your trusty cell phone can even come in handy to help you keep track of feeding times and the amounts of formula baby is getting at each sitting.

So if you're losing your taste for bottle feeding your baby, try some of the tips on this list, and you will feel like a regular bottle-feeding pro. And just think, as soon as you get the hang of the whole bottle thing, you'll be fighting with your little ones to eat their broccoli.


Prep Nighttime Bottles Before Bed

Those nighttime feedings can be brutal. Cafe Mom recommends making your life a little easier by preparing the bottles ahead of time when you're a little more lucid. It will save you lots of time and keep you from fumbling around in the dark.


Find The Right Bottle For On-The-Go Feedings

No need to weigh down your diaper bag with extra containers. If you're formula feeding, try finding a bottle that has containers attached. This way you can keep everything organized and free from spillage.


Use Your Dishwasher

You're going to go through so many bottles that you'll be a permanent fixture at the sink if you tried to wash them all by hand. Although you'll want to have a good bottle brush, Daily Mom advises parents buy dishwasher-safe bottles and baby-safe detergent to help you save some time.


Encourage Self-Feeding

If you have multiples, you're going to need all the help you can get. Parents magazine noted that it's never too soon to encourage your babies to start holding their own bottles, and even suggesting putting bottles in their tiny hands right away.


Use A Nursing Pillow

Nursing pillows aren't just for breastfeeding. They're a great way to make sure baby is comfortable and that their head is in the correct position during bottle feedings. This will prevent post-feeding gas, which can be quite the pain.


Don't Warm The Milk

According to What to Expect, there is no health reason to warm baby bottles. Save yourself some time by getting your baby used to drinking their formula at room temperature.


Utilize Apps

If your sleep-deprived brain can't remember the last time you fed your baby, download an app like MammaBaby to your smart phone to keep track of feedings.