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7 Safe Car Sickness Remedies For Babies

Though babies spit up on the regular, a car sick baby takes it to an entirely different level. Since you never know when your child could find themselves with an upset stomach on the road, ensuring that you have some car sickness remedies for babies can be quite helpful.

According to Mayo Clinic, car sickness occurs when the brain receives conflicting information from the inner ears, eyes and nerves in the extremities. Although car sickness is seen more in children ages 2 to 12, it's not unusual for infants and toddlers to experience it, too. And, since babies aren't able to verbally express themselves, it can difficult to catch this before the vomiting begins. However, paying attention to signs of car sickness like cold sweats, loss of appetite, fatigue, or vomiting are all ways to know what you could be dealing with.

Dealing with a car sick baby can frustrating at times, but once you've spotted the signs and figure out which remedies work best for your little one, you'll be able to overcome the issues with time. So, if you're in need of a few pointers on how to best deal with the problem, take a look at these seven strategies to help.


Give Them Something To Focus On

If your child is old enough to respond, Baby Center suggested you have them look ahead in the distance. Giving them an object outside of the car to look at will give them visual input and help resolve some of the mixed signals being sent to their brain. If they aren't old enough, try putting an object in front of them.


Blow Some Cool Air On Them

The aforementioned Mayo Clinic article noted that providing proper air ventilation that is free of odors will help with car sickness, too. Cool air will help regulate their temperature and keep them from getting uncomfortable.


Distract Them

If your baby is suffering from motion sickness, the aforementioned Baby Center article suggested you do your best to distract him. Since motion sickness can sometimes be a state of mind, try distracting your baby by singing or talking together.


Travel During Naptime

What To Expect noted that one of the best remedies for car sick babies is to get them to sleep during travel time. Resting makes the chances of them becoming sick less likely, so try to schedule your long trips during their nap time.


Plan Your Pre-Trip Meals Accordingly

Mayo Clinic noted that avoiding spicy or greasy foods and large meals is a great way to avoid car sickness. If the travel time will be short and you can skip the meal all together, you should. If they have to eat, a small snack like crackers and a small drink will be best for their stomach.


Reduce Activity

The aforementioned Baby Center article noted that you should keep the activity of your baby to a minimum. Keep them as calm as possible and try your best to keep their head movements as small as you can.


Keep A Cold Compress Handy

The original What To Expect article also suggested keeping the materials for a cold compress handy. Much like the cool air, the cold compress will help regulate their body temperature.