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7 Celebrities Who Publicly Stood Up For Their LGBTQ Kids

Far too many LGBTQ people have harrowing stories about feeling rejected by their families because of their sexual orientation. Too many of them face negativity or outright abandonment from their families of origin. Fortunately, there are also some awesome parents who support their children no matter what. In fact, there are plenty of celebrities who publicly stood up for their LGBTQ kids.

Many singers, actresses, and sports stars have voiced an unwavering devotion to their children, regardless of orientation or identity. And they have taken to TV shows, print media, and online platforms to praise their children. Whether their kids are gay, lesbian, transgender, or questioning, these celeb parents are proud advocates for their own kids, and often LGBTQ people everywhere.

Hopefully these parents will continue to use their fame to act as examples for families of LGBTQ people everywhere. By embracing their children for who they are, these famous moms and dads can show others how to be more accepting of all lifestyles and identities. Although there is still a good deal of work to be done before full equality is achieved, these parents prove that loving acceptance is always a good response. Maybe one day all LGBTQ kids will one day be so fortunate, whether or not their parents are famous.



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Pop goddess and gay icon Cher has been supportive of her child Chaz's journey. Although Cher initially had difficulty with Chaz's transition, as reported in the Daily Mail, she later said that it "turned out well" for everyone.


Sally Field

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Actress Sally Field has been supportive of her son Sam, who is openly gay. As explained in The Advocate, Field even wrote a heartfelt letter about her son, speaking out against antigay legislation and praising her "magnificent, proud, intelligent, funny, lovable, sexy gay son."


Paul Haggis

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Million Dollar Baby screenwriter & producer Paul Haggis resigned from the Church of Scientology over the issue of gay rights, as noted in Gawker. As further explained in The New Yorker, his daughter Katy is gay, and apparently faced some issues of discrimination from other church members.


Magic Johnson

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NBA legend and HIV activist Magic Johnson has been publicly supportive of his gay son E.J. After TMZ outed E.J., Magic and Cookie Johnson appeared on Oprah and shared their desire to support him "no matter what." Well played, Johnson family.


Marie Osmond

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Singer Marie Osmond is also in the supportive parents of LGBTQ kids club. As noted on After Ellen, Osmond referred to her daughter Jessica as "magnificent" and stated her advocacy for LGBTQ equal rights.


Anne Rice

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It's no surprise that author Anne Rice is an advocate, because her books feature plenty of badass LGBTQ characters. She is supportive of her son, author and gay rights activist Christopher Rice, and she has been a longtime advocate of equal rights. "I was always completely supportive of gays," she said in an interview for Lightspeed Magazine.


Ally Sheedy

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Actress Ally Sheedy also supports LGBTQ activism. Sheedy's daughter Rebecca is gay, and in an interview with Windy City Times, she admitted to feeling a social responsibility for the cause.