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7 Celebrity Couples Costumes For Kids To DIY This Halloween

If you've been looking for a way to step away from the normal princess and ninja costumes that your children usually go for during Halloween, there are many creative ways to do so. For me, I think choosing a DIY costume every year is an option better than purchasing because you get to change it up how you like. Especially when it comes to dressing them up as a celebrity. And although there are many to choose from, having a good solid list of celebrity couples costume for kids handy will help you narrow down the materials you need for this year's holiday.

If you follow pop culture, you'll know that there are so many different looks that you can pull from when it comes to recreating your favorite celebrity couples looks. I also think that the best thing about it is you don't have to restrict yourself to current day couples either. You can go as far back as your heart desires or use those couples who have been rumored to be together. No matter who you choose, just make sure your kid is comfortable and you guys get creative together.

Need a little nudge in the right direction for costumes? These seven looks can help you get there.


Barack & Michelle Obama


For this political look, get a blue suit ($60), light blue shirt ($13), grey tie ($6), and American flag pin ($1) for the presidential look and a skater dress ($10) for the First Lady.


Prince William & Kate Middleton

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To nail this royal look, get a blue suit ($60) and white shirt ($13) for Prince William and a long sleeve floral dress ($36) with nude flats ($8) for Kate Middleton


Jay Z & Beyoncé

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To replicate this hip-hop royalty couple look, get a white lace dress ($24) and black sunglasses ($13) for your little Beyoncé. Grab a a white long sleeve shirt ($5), black jeans ($10), and black hat ($15) for Jay Z.


Ellen DeGeneres & Portia De Rossi

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For this couple, get a green suit ($55) and blue oxford shirt ($22) for Ellen DeGeneres and a black floor length dress ($72) for Portia de Rossi. Ad don't forget to teach your little Ellen some sick dance moves.


Bill & Hillary Clinton

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Taking Halloween to the polls this year? Nail the Clinton's look by getting blue suit ($60), white shirt ($13) and red tie ($6) for President Clinton. And for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, get a red jacket ($45) and red slacks ($45).


Elton John & David Furnish

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For Elton John, you'll need a blue suit ($56), patterned shirt ($15), and a pair of children's loafers ($52). To get David Furnish's look, get a pair of black slacks ($15), a white oxford shirt ($13) t, and a nicely designed blazer ($50).


Puff Daddy & Jennifer Lopez


Take it back to before they were probably born with this late '90s Jennifer Lopez and Puff Daddy-inspired Halloween costume. All you need is a pair of white pants ($10), a white tank top ($7), and a white bandana ($2) for J.Lo and some blue jeans ($15), a white t-shirt ($5), and a black hat ($15) for Puff.