7 Cheap Family Halloween Costume Ideas

When you're a parent, you can't just come up with original costumes for yourself anymore. You have to brainstorm costumes for the whole family. But instead of thinking of separate costumes for each member of your family, why not come up with cheap family halloween costume ideas that you can all wear together?

Whether you're planning to trick or treat all together or are spending the evening with family and friends, dressing up as a group can be a creative way to spend your Halloween. Some of these costumes are from classic movies, TV shows, or books that you and your kids know and love. And although there's no limit to the ideas you can come up with for family costumes, having a little inspiration never hurts.

These costumes are all reasonably priced (under $20 per person) or easily made by hand following the tutorials. Dressing up as a family doesn't have to break your budget or be overly cheesy. No matter the age of your kids, with these costume ideas, they'll all love dressing up together, regardless of which family costume you decide on.

Making a family costume is a great, stress-free way to coordinate as a family, save time, and save money this Halloween.


Scooby Doo Family Costume

Shaggy, $20, Costume Super Center | Daphne, $15, Primark | Velma, $15, Trendy Halloween | Scooby Doo, $20, Walmart

Gather up the whole gang and assign roles as Shaggy, Daphne, Velma, Fred, and Scooby Doo himself.


The Flintstones

Fred, $20, Walmart | Wilma, $18, Find Costume | Pebbles, $22, EBay | Bam Bam, $22, Walmart

Finding Flintstones costumes for the whole family is easy and luckily fairly affordable. Find Fred, Wilma, Pebbles, and Bam Bam all for do-able prices.


'Pinocchio' Family Costume

Using this amazing Pinocchio costume tutorial from A Beautiful Mess, your whole family can transform into a Disney classic.


'Alice In Wonderland' Family Costume

DIY your own Alice In Wonderland family costume via this tutorial from Say Yes.


'Despicable Me' Costume

If your family is a fan of Despicable Me, they're sure to love this family costume tutorial from Julie Olson.


Goldilocks And The Three Bears

Perfect for a family of four, this Goldilocks and the Three Bears costume tutorial from A Beautiful Mess is fun to make and perfectly unique.


Peter Pan And His Lost Boys

An easily customize-able family costume depending on what "characters" you have, this Peter Pan family costume from A Beautiful Mess is easy to create and so much fun to pull off.