7 Cheesy Thanksgiving Dishes That Honor The Most #Blessed Food Group

Thanksgiving is a time of year when food lovers young and old gather in their homes and indulge in a bounty of delicious, festive fare. A I for one also look forward to staging my face with a cheesy Thanksgiving dish. Sure, the stuffing is phenomenal and pie is a perfect way to end the mean, but I'm truly thankful to have a serving of gooey mac and cheese alongside my turkey. 

Cheese may be one of the most versatile ingredients in the market. It's easy to include in dishes both savory and sweet, and there's so many varieties to choose from (though there are certain cheeses that work best with grilled cheese.) Whether you prefer the sharpness of a Wisconsin-cheddar, or a subtle, savory gouda, there is a cheese for every person and every plate. And what better time to pay tribute to the most beloved food group thank on Thanksgiving. This year, try adding one of these cheese packed dishes to your family dinner. Everyone at the table will be grateful for them, I guarantee. 


Smoked Cheddar Crostini

What is classier than a good crostini recipe? Nothing. This smoked cheddar crostini recipe from Wild Greens and Sardines is a great way to start your meal. 


Goat Cheese Jalapeno Poppers

Another way to kick up your Thanksgiving dinner, What's Cooking Good Looking's goat cheese jalapeno poppers pack a spicy punch that guests are sure to love. 


Hatch Chile Mac and Cheese

A Cozy Kitchen's hatch chile mac and cheese is a great, adult alternative to the blue box variety.


Pesto Lasagna Roll Ups

If you want to give your Thanksgiving an Italian twist, try these pesto lasagna roll ups from Two Peas and Their Pod. Filled with ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese, these would make the perfect unexpected addition to your Turkey Day table. 


Cheesy Scalloped Potato Gratin

Nothing says Thanksgiving like a good potato dish. Adding cheese just makes it that much better. The Comfort of Cooking's cheesy scalloped potato gratin will make all your mouth watering dreams come true. 


Blue Cheese and Walnut Mashed Potatoes

Another twist on a Thanksgiving classic, these blue cheese and walnut mashed potatoes from Taste and Tell will satisfy everyone's mashed potato cravings with an unexpected twist. 


Turkey Quesadillas with Cranberry Sauce

If you're tired of the traditional carved turkey, why not change it up? This turkey quesadilla with cranberry sauce from The Brewer and the Baker is the perfect front and center dish, or a brilliant use of those Thanksgiving leftovers. 

Images: Courtesy of The Comfort of Cooking (2); Wild Greens and SardinesWhat's Cooking Good Looking; A Cozy Kitchen;  Two Peas and Their PodTaste and TellThe Brewer and The Baker