7 Children's Books You Had No Idea Were About The Environment

by Meg Kehoe

It's no secret that I think books are the best way to teach a child, well, just about anything. Whether it's manners, feminism, diversity, or even the environment — you guessed it — there's a children's book for that. The best part about children's books is that they so often have ways of teaching children subtly. Books that present themselves as one thing, and then wind up having a moral to the story between the lines. With Earth Day right around the corner, it's the perfect time to pick out a few children's books you had no idea were about the environment and add them to your favorite kid's shelf.

Starting children early on the important issues is so, so important. By integrating lessons about the environment, littering, recycling, and taking care of mother earth, you can be sure that your child will carry these themes through to every day life. What's more important to teach a child than teaching them to care for the world around them? Not much. By teaching your child to care for the world around them, you'll help them understand that everything they do plays a part in sustaining the beauty of the environment around them. That they too, play their part in keeping the earth a lovely place to live and learn.


'The Giving Tree' by Shel Silverstein

As a child, you were taught that The Giving Tree was a story about friendship and love, and what it means to give and take. Sure, it's great to teach your children about love and friendship and generosity through the tale of the boy and the tree, but it's also paramount to teach your children that all trees are giving too much to society these days.

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'Just A Dream' by Chris Van Allsburg

Just A Dream follows Walter, a litterbug. He doesn't appreciate trees, or grass, or flowers, or anything to do with the great outdoors. Until one night, he takes an enormous journey that shows him what could happen to Earth if he, and people like him, don't clean up their act. Will Walter take this to heart, or will he insist that it was all in his head?

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'Here Comes The Garbage Barge' by Jonah Winter

Before recycling, there was a town that had tons, and tons of garbage. 3,618 tons to be exact. What were they to do with all of that trash? Here Comes The Garbage Barge teaches children how wonderful it can be to recycle, in a sly, sly way.

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'Miss Rumphius' by Barbara Cooney

Alice Rumphius longed to travel the world and do something to make the world a more beautiful place. When you read her story, children will be delighted to find out that Miss Rumphius is based on a true story, and that you can find her countless lupines along the coast of Maine to this day.

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'The Wump World' by Bill Peet

When the Pollutians invade the Wump World the beauty of the green earth is at stake. Can the Wumps save their world from being turned into a concrete jungle? Find out when you read your little one The Wump World.

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'The Cloud Spinner' by Michael Catchpool

A young boy has the ability to weave magnificent cloth from the clouds in the sky, and when the King of the land finds out — he demands things be made from the clouds day and night. The Cloud Spinner weaves the tale of the natural beauty in this world, and how important it is to preserve it.

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'Sofia's Dream' by Land Wilson

Sofia falls asleep and has a dream about an adventure with her friend the moon. While she dreams, she finds out what's happening to the world from the moon's perspective, and how to stop it. Sofia's Dream spreads the importance of the environment, no matter your age.

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