7 Clever Storage Hacks for Your Small Space, So You Can Finally Have Some Breathing Room

Anyone who has lived in a small space knows it's no fun to feel squished. Even if you're a brilliant organizational mastermind, it can still be difficult to find places to put things when you go-to storage spaces are filled to the brim. Luckily, there are a ton of small space storage hacks that can help solve this dilemma quite easily. No matter how much stuff you have, it's possible to engineer little ways that make it easy to keep them organized and out of sight. If you put a little work into hacking your storage, the stress associated with cramped quarters can be significantly relieved.

From when you're a student in college to the time you move into the first place your entry level paycheck can afford, you have to get clever about how you store your things. After all, you don't want to watch your stuff disappear all the time or live in a cluttered mess simply because you don't know how else to deal with the amount of things you have and how little space you have to put them in. So don't go totally minimalist just yet—here are seven clever hacks that'll make living in your small space that much easier.


Use Ottomans

Take a note from Sugar and Cloth, and use ottomans for your coffee table and side tables. This way, you'll still have places to put things on and hidden storage underneath.


Hang Hooks Everywhere

Next to the entryway, on the back of your bathroom door, inside your closet—there's nowhere an extra hook or two won't assist in storing anything that needs to be hanged. And you don't have to settle for those un appealing store-bought ones. A Beautiful Mess has a great tutorial for turning door knobs into hooks to give your space a little style.


Add Floating Shelves

A Beautiful Mess's floating shelves are great because you can store books and other knick knacks on them, and they give you extra floor space to store more stuff if you need to.


Put Multiple Items Per Hanger

Offbeat + Inspired has this great tip to keep your closet in check. Instead of simply putting one item of clothing per hanger, put your jackets over your shirts and layer. This way, you'll free up dresser space for other important storage needs.


Use A Pin Board

Pin boards—useful in real life, too. Hello Natural's easy-to-make memo board is perfect to place on your desk or near an area where you need to store things that take up counter space.


Hang Your Holders

Holders on counters are great, but they're even more useful when they're out of the way against a wall. A Beautiful Mess suggests adding hanging holders in the kitchen and bathroom for easy supply storage.


Use Baskets

Baskets are super useful to store things that might not have a proper place. Simply add a one to two in each room and watch your storage issues disappear. If you're feeling extra craft, you can make your own basket, this one from The Merry Thought.

Images: Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess; Sugar and Cloth; A Beautiful Mess; A Beautiful Mess; Hello Natural; Offbeat + Inspired; A Beautiful Mess; The Merry Thought.