7 Common Things You Don’t Realize Men Find Really Endearing

There are a lot of little things that you do each and every day without giving much thought as to what, if anything, other people think about them. And because of that, you're likely doing things each day that are sweet, attractive, or endearing without even knowing it. Some common things you don't realize men find really endearing, according to science, for instance, are things that you do all the time, in so many different settings, and around so many different people. They're things that you do without even trying, but they're also things that have a foundation in science for as to why they work.

Laughing, blushing, accidentally bumping into something or spilling the contents of your bag, and laying your head on their chest are all things that you might do without thinking (or without being able to even control it) that men find endearing and that make you seem more human, more relatable, and more approachable. Nobody is perfect and some of these little things can make you seem even less so — but in a good way.

Ultimately, being yourself, for better or worse, can help endear you to others (not just men) because it let's the world see who you really are, quirks and all.


A Genuine Laugh

There's no reason for you to try to disguise your laugh or laugh in a way that you think is somehow better than your natural, genuine laugh. A 2006 study published in Evolution and Human Behavior found that men are especially drawn to women who laugh at their jokes. If you find them funny, don't be embarrassed to genuinely laugh — it's endearing.



A study conducted at the University of California, Berkeley, found that people are drawn to those who are easily embarrassed because it makes them appear more trustworthy. In other words, you don't have to be embarrassed by being easily embarrassed or someone who blushes easily because it's endearing and actually makes people want to spend more time around you.


A Ponytail

You probably style your hair (or leave it alone) based on how you feel that day or what you think will look best, but it's something that other people notice too. HuffPost reported that a Zoosk survey found that nearly 90 percent of men said that one of the first things that they notice about someone is "good hair." 13 percent of men said that they thought an updo or ponytail was the sexiest hairstyle. Ponytails are simple, easy, and something that can make you look like you're not trying too hard to look or act a certain way.


Asking For Help

A 1969 paper argued that doing a favor for someone can make you like them more. So, essentially, if you ask a guy for help and they help you, they'll probably find you more likable and endearing. It might sound counterintuitive, but there it is.


Laying Your Head On Their Chest

If you've ever laid your head on a man's chest, chances are, they found it sweet. CBS News reported that a 2010 study published in Evolutionary Psychology found that men often see women from above because they're taller and they're drawn to that. Not only that, but about four percent of couples sleep that way, as a study conducted by relationship psychologist Corinne Sweet and Travelodge found. It's more endearing than you think and makes men feel like you feel safe and comfortable around them.


Giving Them A Nickname Or Pet Name

Scientific American reported that a 1993 study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships found that pet names and nicknames that both partners are OK with can mean greater relationship satisfaction. They help inject a certain amount of fun and relaxation into the relationship, so that there's some endearment even during the tenser moments.


Being Klutzy

Everyone trips, bumps into things, or drops or spills something on occasion. No one is completely immune. That being said, it might not be as much of a flaw as you may think. A study published in Psychonomic Science found that if a person finds you attractive and sees you do something clumsy, they'll find you more attractive because you're now more relatable than you might have seemed to them before. Being human is far more endearing than working to appear perfect.

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