7 Compliments That Trigger Connection

If you want to bring a little more positivity into the world, then start with compliments. After all, receiving a sincere, meaningful compliment can totally improve someone's entire day. And if you want to make new friends or strengthen your current relationships, then consider the types of compliments that trigger connection. These types of statements can improve the other person's outlook and strengthen your relationship at the same time, which is pretty impressive. Plus, it could not be any simpler.

Sure, there are loads of articles on the way to use compliments for your benefit. There's lists about the ways to make other people like you by giving specific compliments. Plus, plenty of articles explain how to use compliments to get what you want from others, whether they are colleagues or friends.

Meanwhile, the following types of compliments do none of these things, because their only goal is to form a connection with the other person. They're sweet, sincere, and even a bit silly. But these types of statements are almost guaranteed to bring a bit of positivity to someone else's life. And really, who doesn't need a little boost now and then? Spread the joy with one of these compliment styles today.


"You're Awesome. I Appreciate All You Do For Me."

If you want to strengthen a relationship you already have, then let the other person know all those nice things you think about them. In fact, sincerely sharing your appreciation for a close friend or family member is a great way to keep that connection strong, according to Mental Health America. Whether it's the aunt who's always down to watch your kids or the neighbor who helped fix your microwave, thank these people with a sweet compliment.


"Your Patience Is Seriously Awe-Inspiring."

Seriously, most adults just don't get enough compliments on their good behaviors. So don't hesitate to compliment someone's personal skills or other traits, which can also help you connect with others, according to Good Therapy. It's nice to get that pat on the back sometimes.


"I Feel So At Home In Your Place."

Sure, it's easy to say nice things about a person's taste in paint color or furniture arrangement. But to make a deeper connection, offer a little bit of info about yourself with the compliment, as explained in Medium. Mention how you feel, or how the other person has helped you out. It's an easy way to make a deeper connection.


"You're Doing Amazing. Your Kid Is Great."

Show support for your fellow parents. Even a simple compliment on their parenting skills can make someone's day, as noted in Offspring. You can strengthen a bond you already have or just make a mini-connection with a stranger in the grocery store with these kinds of compliments. Hey, everyone needs a little boost and reassurance on the parenting journey.


"You're Adorkable."

The next time a super corny, silly compliment comes to mind, share it with your friends or family. As it turns out, compliments with unusual or creative words can be more memorable, according to Very Well. Don't be afraid to get a little weird.


"You Slayed Those Tax Returns."

For the most part, it's best to keep your compliments super specific, as explained in Inc. So if your SO handles your taxes this year, then compliment that in particular.


"You're A Great Friend."

If you appreciate someone's friendship, then let them know. By expressing your appreciation for them, you're strengthening that connection, as explained in HuffPost. It's a quick, sincere statement that they're likely to remember for a very long time.