Courtesy of Ni'Kesia Pannell

7 Creative Pokémon Go Costumes For Kids

With the Pokémon Go craze still in full effect, there's no time like the present than to show your love and appreciation for the throwback activity. Since Halloween is just a few weeks away, you have the perfect opportunity to show your love for the game. And if you're children are equally obsessed with Pikachu and his crew — and are interested in going the DIY route — having some ideas for creative Pokémon Go costumes for kids will help you nail their look of choice.

Since the game lets you design your own character, kids don't have to necessarily go as the typical training characters, like Ash and Misty from the original Pokémon show. They have the chance to change it up a little and get creative with their threads. If they'd like to go as an actual Pokémon instead of trainer, there are ways for them to DIY that, too — it's just all about getting creative.

Tapping into your creativity for these Halloween costumes will bring you so much joy. Whether you want to take it a little easy or heavily exercise those creative muscles, these seven Pokémon Go costume ideas are perfect for jazzing this Halloween up.


Trainer Option 1

Help your little one become the perfect Pokémon trainer this year with this DIY Pokémon Go trainer costume. You'll need burgundy shorts ($8), a burgundy zip hoodie ($12), black leggings ($5), a white tank top ($4), and burgundy and white trucker hat ($5). To complete the look, add an orange belt ($5), black fingerless gloves ($5), a black backpack ($10), and a black choker ($9).


Trainer Option 2

Burgundy not their choice of training color? Here's another option. Grab some blue shorts ($8), a yellow zip hoodie ($15), black leggings ($5), a blue tank top ($5), and blue and white trucker hat ($6). And, to complete this look, add a grey belt ($8), black fingerless gloves ($5), a black backpack ($10), and a black choker ($9).



Transform your kid into the star of the show with this DIY Pikachu costume. Throw on a yellow dress ($27), a yellow sweater ($20), yellow tights ($7), red face paint ($7) for the cheeks and a set of Pikachu ears and tail ($14).



If Pikachu isn't your child's first choice, try this DIY Charmander costume.Grab an orange tutu ($10), yellow tank top ($4), an orange zip hoodie ($20), and a Charmander hat and tail set ($20).



For this Jigglypuff look, all you'll need is a pink sweater ($7), and some black ($3), white ($4), and blue ($4) fabric paint. If you'd like, throw on a pink tutu ($6) to go all pink.



To nail this look, just get a white skirt ($13), red top ($6), a black belt ($10), and cut out a cardboard black and white circle for the center of your belt.



Let your little one get wet and wild this Halloween in this DIY Squirtle costume. Deck them out in a turquoise tutu ($11), a soft yellow or beige tank top ($3), a turquoise sweater ($20), brown backpack ($10), and a Squirtle beanie ($11).