7 Creepy Things Kids Do That Just Mean They Have A Great Sense Of Humor

I won't lie, making me laugh is no easy task. It's somewhat difficult for most people to even drag a chuckle out of me but my daughter, however, seems to be able to make me reckless abandon, and with ease. You guys, she's not even two years old. Usually, she makes me laugh without even trying which is, you know, no easy task. Other times, well, it's pretty obvious she's definitely trying (kids loves having an audience). However, whether she's trying or not, she definitely does all of the creepy things kids do that mean they have a great sense of humor which, in turn, makes it even easier for me to bust a gut and enjoy her wonderful oddities.

I'd argue that kids spend the majority of their time being hilarious. What they consider "normal" and their inability to follow social rules and their unabashed honesty creates so many hilarious situations that, well, are as weird as they are funny. Some of these moments may be creepier than others, like when my daughter starts cackling uncontrollably before she was a year old and my partner and I were left completely baffled, wondering what in the world was going on. Still, as perplexed as we were, we though it was funny and we laughed and it was a moment I know I'll never forget.

The fact that my daughter can laugh at the fun, little, almost meaningless but definitely hilariously, weird things in life, almost proves that kids have a better sense of humor than adults. Kids aren't confined to social constructs, or jaded by a certain number of years lived, so the weird things are automatically funny things, and it's awesome. So, with that in mind, if you see your kid doing the following weird things, have no fear; it just means your kid has a great sense of humor that will, no doubt, be beneficial in the future.

They Laugh Uncontrollably, Like They're Possessed

Ever had those moments where you start laughing for no reason but there's definitely no end in sight? When you're a mom, those moments increase. Your child will start giggling uncontrollably for no discernible reason and it will slay you. Like, literally. Your cheeks will hurt and your stomach will ache and you won't be able to stop. Some of those sweet little giggles, though, may quickly turn into demonic evil laughs which, you know, isn't as funny.

They Laugh When They're In Pain

I'll watch my daughter as she stumbles around the house, running and hitting tables and couches and, to my surprise, laughing. Here I am worried she has severely hurt herself, and she's laughing like it's no big deal. If that's not a healthy model for learning to laugh things off, I don't know what is.

They Give That (Maybe Accidental) Middle Finger

Babies can't control their hands and fingers completely, but I'm not entirely sure they don't make certain hand gestures for a very specific reason and very much on purpose. I mean, this is just hilarious, right? Especially with that tiny little middle finger shows up at the most inopportune times.

They Go From Laughing To Crying To Laughing In A Matter Of Minutes

You honestly don't know whether to laugh or be somewhat concerned. I mean, it's adorable that they can "get over something" so quickly, but the drastic change in overall emotion is, you know, a little weird. My kid will go from laughing to crying to laughing to perfectly calm in under a minute, and I'm just left stunned; wondering what in the world is going on. Hey, at least she can laugh, even she cries, right?

They're Entertained By Something Definitely Not Entertaining

I mean, to each their own. Who am I to say that a piece of laundry isn't just absolutely hilarious, right? It's just kind of weird (but also insanely awesome and really inspiring) that it's the very little, tiny things that make my daughter laugh the hardest. It doesn't take much, which obviously means her sense of humor is far superior to mine.

They Laugh, Then Suddenly Stop And Give You An Evil Look

This particular creepy moment is a lot like the laughing and crying fits that make zero sense, only creepier. What is that look, kid? I mean, what did I do? I was just making you laugh and all of a sudden you're giving me a death stare like looks could kill. Yikes.

They Laugh Adult Jokes They Couldn't Possibly Understand

I, personally, appreciate the adult humor found in kid's movies, because how else am I supposed to watch the same movie over and over and over again. I mean, I love you, Woody and Buzz, but when I can recite the entire movie by heart, we have problems. What's weird, though, is that my daughter will laugh at the adult humor, even though I know there's no way she actually understands it. Or, wait. Does she?