7 Crying Jordan Memes To Get You Through The Pain Of Super Bowl 50

Football fans everywhere are gearing up for Superbowl 50. But whether you’re cheering for the Carolina Panthers or the Denver Broncos this Super Bowl Sunday, the champion is already clear: the Crying Michael Jordan meme. It’s the latest viral trend to blow up the Interwebs. And with all of these forces coming together at one time, these crying Jordan Memes For The Super Bowl will please fans from either team. Or at least make them a little uncomfortable.

How did #cryingjordan even happen? After Michael Jordan was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2009, he (understandably) found the situation moving and shed a few tears. The Internet rediscovered this meme six years later, and the shot of him crying has been superimposed on athletes everywhere. But the meme really blew up recently when the Arizona Cardinals tweeted it during their loss to the Carolina Panthers. It’s no surprise his face has popped up in the online trash-talking that precedes the Super Bowl. If you have to ask what a basketball star is doing among football talk, well, that’s the Internet for you. So whether you’re representing Panther Nation or betting on the ponies this year, be prepared for a whole lot of Jordan to happen in either case.


Shots Fired

This is only the beginning.


Maybe Next Year, Patriots Fans

Rumor has it Tom Brady's gym features a countdown clock to Super Bowl 51.


Everyone Can Agree On This One

No fan should suffer that kind of loss. Keep the guac bowl well-stocked, too.


Nothing But A Number

Guys, 39 is the new 29.


It Happens

Even the most dedicated sports fan has to admit this sometimes.


Social Media Updates

Twitter is no kinder.


The Final Warning

Because you better believe #cryingjordan will blow up again Monday morning.