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7 Halloween Costume Ideas For Those Dressing Up With Your True BFF, Your Dog

Dressing up for Halloween is always fun, but dressing up with your dog takes the whole holiday to the next level. I mean, the cuteness factor alone is off the charts. So to help you and your BFF make the most of this holiday, these dog and human costumes for Halloween 2018 will offer up some serious inspiration. Whether you dress as heroes, villains, or something else entirely, you're all set to make Halloween history with your pup.

Plus, more and more families are including the family pets in holiday celebrations, and this includes Halloween in a big way. In fact, picking out a costume for Fluffy or Spike is pretty much a holiday tradition at this point. "One of the biggest trends this year is the growth of spending on pet costumes," Prosper Insights Executive Vice President of Strategy Phil Rist said, according to the National Retail Federation. "Out of the 31.3 million Americans planning to dress their pets in costumes, millennials (25-34) are most likely to dress up their pets, the highest we have seen in the history of our surveys." If millennials are making pet costumes more prominent, well, we're doing something right as a generation.

So here are a few different costume pairings you and your pooch can use this Halloween. Of course, please feel free to use these suggestions as a starting point and let your own creativity shine. Whatever you choose to wear this Halloween, hopefully you and your canine companion will enjoy a lovely holiday.



Bootique Pirate Dog Costume, $15, Petco

Adult Pirate Maiden Costume, $30,

Sail the seven seas with your trusty salty dog in these costumes. Be sure to stay in character and talk like a pirate all night. Bonus points if one of you sports an eye patch.


Under The Sea

Halloween Shark Pet Costume, $17, PetSmart

Dark Water Siren Costume, $80, Yandy

This mermaid and her fearsome shark will lure you right into the watery depths. You and your pooch will be a little bit terrifying in these costumes, but that's what Halloween is all about.


Candy Corn

Bootique Candy Corn Witch Dog Costume, $20, Petco

Candy Corn Adult Halloween Costume, $32, Walmart

Take a stand for Halloween's most maligned candy. You and your pup can represent your sweet tooth with these colorful costumes. Really, what treat is better than an adorable puppy dressed up as candy?



Halloween Butterfly Pet Wings, $10, PetSmart

Adult Monarch Butterfly Wings, $30, Party City

OK, this costume pairing is legitimately pretty. You two will be the most graceful creatures out and about this Halloween.


'The Incredibles'

Incredibles 2 Pet Costume, $30, Shop Disney

Mrs. Incredible Bodysuit Costume, $80,

This is a perfect costume pair for your pet. Really, who is more incredible than your dog? Nobody.



Spider Pup Costume, $25,

Adult Spider Costume, $65,

If creepy crawlies are your thing, then these costumes are perfect. With your many, many legs, you'll be some of the freakier creatures this Halloween.



Chiquita Banana Pet Costume, $25, Spirit Halloween

Adult Going Banana Costume, $30, Party City

It's the most appealing costume you and your pooch could wear this Halloween. Dance around in these costumes and make everybody crack up, because this is silliness at its finest.