7 Early Signs Your Raising An Extrovert

From the second your child draws his first breath, you're probably paying attention to his personality. Does your infant need to be in the company of other people at all times? Is your toddler quick to hold a conversation with any checkout clerk, dog, or other child who crosses their path? It's only natural to be on the lookout for early signs your child will be an extrovert.

If your kid will chat up anybody and is the life of every birthday party on the block, you likely have a little extrovert on your hands. According to Psychology Today, extroverts thrive on social interaction and make up 50 to 74 percent of the population. Chances are, your kiddo will have plenty of fellow social butterflies to play with on the playground.

Granted, no one is born 100 percent extrovert or extrovert. The same kid who rules the birthday party circuit may clam up at a family reunion. But on the whole, people tend to favor one type of personality type over the other. Read on to see if these signs remind you of your own little partygoer. Lastly, if none of these traits ring true, then your child is quite possibly an introvert.


They Weren't A Shy Baby

Even your 1 year old may already show signs of a distinct personality type. For instance, if your baby is curious about the world without a hint of shyness, then chances are you have a mini extrovert on your hands, as noted by Parents. Other babies may need a few minutes to "warm up" to a new environment, but your kid is ready to go exploring any time, any place.


They Refuse To Nap

All babies need sleep, regardless of personality type. But as noted on Baby Sleep Site, it may be more difficult to put extroverted babies down for a nap, because they don't want to miss out on interacting with you. If your little one fights sleep every afternoon, then take heart: you may have a future life of the party on your hands.


They Love Attention

Will your kiddo smile at any (and every) person who walks by in the park or mall? If your little one is happy to receive attention from everyone, then he's likely an extrovert, as noted by Babies Online. Introverted babies tend to be OK with less attention.


They Are Big Talkers

Did your little one start talking and just never stop? Many extroverts love to talk a lot from an early age, according to She Knows. If nothing else, your kid's ability to rattle on and on will probably make for some interesting conversations.


They Love A Good Birthday Party

In general, extroverts feel energized by being around other people. So if you kid comes home from a birthday party still wound up, it may not just be a sugar rush, as noted on Very Well. Your little extrovert is probably still jazzed up from interacting with so many people.


They Show Leadership Skills

Is your kid the ringleader on every playground, setting up new games and getting a whole gaggle of kids to go along with them? These early leadership skills are the sign of an extrovert, as noted in Real Simple. Hey, it will probably be a great asset to your child later in life.


They Live In The Present

This may be more true of children than adults in general. But as noted on Family Share, extroverted kids really do live in the now. Chances are, your extroverted kid is happiest when the "now" involves a lot of activity and other people who also love to talk.