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7 Early Signs Your Kid Will Be Good At Science

Some kids are born with a natural affinity for music or the ability to tell stories from the time they learn to talk. Others, however, wind up on the other end of the spectrum and are born with a proverbial beaker in their hand. If your kid has memorized the entire periodic table of elements, conducts science experiments at home before they're even in school, and can list off facts like it's their job, learning all of the early signs your kid will be good at science is second nature to you by now. To say your child is "gifted" is probably as true a label as you can assign your little genius, and science will no doubt be their weapon of choice for expressing themselves.

According to the National Association for Gifted Children, a gifted child is one who can "demonstrate outstanding levels of aptitude (defined as an exceptional ability to reason and learn) or competence (documented performance or achievement in top 10 percent or rarer) in one or more domains." And if science is your child's "domain" of choice, you'll know it from an early age. The same resource stated that oftentimes children will start demonstrating signs of their intelligence or tendency to focus on one subject over the others from toddlerhood or even before. So though these traits will certainly set your child apart, learning to work with their love for all things science will help them reach new heights of success.


They Learn Quickly And Efficiently

According to the National Association for Gifted Children, efficient learning and being able to learn new things quickly is one of the traits of a gifted child, especially one who will be good at science.


They're Detail Oriented

Science is a very detail oriented discipline. If your child can pay attention to small bits of information and remember it all, a love of science is probably in their future.


They Have An Excellent Memory

If the periodic table of elements was all too easy for your child to master, they no doubt have an excellent memory to enable them to remember tiny details and recite them at the drop of a hat, according to Psychology Today. More than simple rote memory, your child will also remember certain events or people vividly.


They Learn Difficult Words And Concepts Quickly

Baby Center noted that many gifted young children will learn to speak in full sentences and use larger words at a younger age than their peers.


They're Independantly Interested In Science And Search Out Information On Their Own

Many children with specific passions or areas of interest with "obsess" over it and take their own initiative to learn about it without the help of others, according to Psychology Today's list.


They Demonstrate Creative Thinking

Unique problem solving skills or the desire to come up with creative solutions to their problems is another sign Psychology Today noted. Perhaps they'll try to apply things they've learned from science to their real life problems or scenarios with their friends or siblings.


They Can Concentrate On One Task For Long Periods Of Time

Part of being independently interested in science means your child will be self motivated and able to focus on one topic, book, or project for long periods of time without getting antsy.