7 Super Creative Easter Baskets You Can Put Together Under $10

This will be my daughter's third Easter on this planet and she's going to get her first Easter basket (it's the first year it seems worth it to stock up on tiny and sugary things for her). I have vivid memories of Easter baskets full of pastel M&M's, seed packets and pens from when I was a child. Now that I'm ready to dive into the Easter basket melee, I'm making up for lost time on the research front, and you get to benefit from my search: Here are 7 Easter baskets you can put together for under $10, because, like me, you probably can't justify spending any more than that!

I still love the idea of giving kids seed packets or something else they can grow, starting a tradition that's perfect for the spring season. Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and the occasional chocolate treat are also easy hits for Easter baskets. If you have Amazon Prime and more than one child, you can easily keep costs down by ordering packs of toys or activities and splitting them up into baskets the night before.

Just don't forget the paper grass for everything to sit in. It does double duty by filling up the basket and making the finished project feel just a little bit more festive. Stay away from the plastic grass if you can, and stash it away in a closet for next year for minimal environmental impact. It fluffs well year after year!


For The Outdoor Kiddo

Pail and shovel ($2, Party City). Buzzy Grow kits ($2, Target). Brown eggs dying kit ($2, Target). Kids bubble wand ($1, Target).

For the kid who just loves to be outside, stock them up on a few supplies they can use now that the weather is warming up. They can spend hours digging dirt with their new shovel and pail, growing grass in cute farm animal cups, and blowing bubbles to their heart's content!


For The Creative Child

Egg decorating kit ($2, Party City). Unfinished wood egg ornament ($1, Target). Pom poms ($3, Target). Easter egg market kit ($2, Factory Direct Craft).

If you have a crafty little one who just can't get enough markers and projects, fill their basket with Easter egg decorations they can paint or color, and a few cheery supplies.


For The Future Hair Stylist

Snap hair clips ($4, Walmart). Pop up hairbrush with mirror ($1.50, Walmart). Hair elastics ($3, Target). Bow ($2, Target).

Some little girls, or even boys with long hair, really love creating hairstyles. Rainbow hair elastics and barrettes are the perfect addition to an Easter basket, especially if you stuff them into lots of plastic eggs.


For The Sports Fan

Light-up Yo-Yo ($2, Toy bowling game ($2, Party Favor Zone). Mini basketball game ($2, Century Novelty). Wiffle bat ($4, Walmart).

Sporty kids can't get enough of little games to play in the hallway upstairs or when they're waiting for you at the grocery store. This Easter basket will tick both those baskets - bowling or mini basketball, wiffle ball in the yard and a yo-yo to take when she has to run errands with you.


For The Pool Shark

Pool noodle ($2, Mansion Athletics). Beach ball ($1, Partypalooza). Inflatable ring ($4, Target). Underwater fish rings ($3, Intex Hardware).

If you have a pool at home, at grandma's house or even in your neighborhood, your kids are probably itching to get into it already. Add to their excitement with a few fun pool toys they'll be using soon enough.


For The Budding Stationer

Double-ended colored pencils ($3, Target). Make a Face Sticker Pad ($3, Target). Baby animal stickers ($2, Rainbow Resource Center). Flamingo gel pens ($2, Etsy).

I loved when my Easter basket involved a collection of stationery supplies, from stickers to gel pens to colored pencils. It's perfect for boys or girls who are already showing a penchant for paper.


For The Sweet Tooth

Candy-filled animal eggs ($5 for 12 eggs, Oriental Trading ). Jelly Belly Krispy Kreme jelly beans ($1, Target). Cadbury Creme Egg ($1, Target). Bunny candy bracelet ($3/dozen, Oriental Trading).

What kid doesn't have a sweet tooth, really? I did from a very young age and my daughter does from a scarily young age as well. Any of these sweet treats will add in nicely to another themed Easter basket or you can just go all out with a dentist's visit in a basket!

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