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7 Easy 'Hamilton' Costumes For Kids Who Love The Broadway Hit

If you were lucky enough to score Hamilton tickets, then not only are you the envy of your neighborhood, but you have a leg up in creating easy Hamilton costumes for kids, come Halloween. However, you don't have to have seen the hit musical to be caught up in Hamilton fever and honor the Tony-winning play this Halloween. And bonus points if you and your kids create the costumes while jamming out to Lin Manuel Miranda and his crew.

The hit Broadway show Hamilton is not only educational, weaving stories of the immigrant experience into the biography of the "ten-dollar Founding Father," it has costumes that are on fleek.

But don't worry — you don't have to be a designer to recreate the gorgeous, historically charged, and patriotic Hamilton duds for your kid to wear on Halloween. In fact, many of the elements for the following costume ideas can be found in your kid's wardrobe. And if you do need to go out any buy clothing for Hamilton costumes, you can definitely repurpose the outfits this winter. The United States of America has come a long way since its Valley Forge days, but these easy Hamilton costume ideas will have your kids getting the nostalgic feels come Halloween.


Alexander Hamilton

Navy Peacoat, $30, Amazon; Navy Jeggings, $16, Amazon; Brown Riding Boots, $50, Amazon; White Lace Ruffled Sleeve Blouse, $30, Amazon; Colonal Kid Sized Wig, 13, Amazon

Being Alexander Hamilton wasn't easy, but recreating his look from the smash Broadway show sure is. Start with a navy peacoat that will last all winter long. Navy jeggings, a pair of brown riding boots, and a white lace ruffled sleeve blouse make this costume a cinch. And all items are re-wearable. To make your kid feel more dressed up, top off with a colonial kid-size white wig, and don't forget to blast the Hamilton soundtrack as you trick-or-treat.


Thomas Jefferson

Purple Coat With Velvet Accents, $27, Amazon; White Ruffled lapel Blouse, $6, Amazon

Is your kid crushing on purple? If so, than you absolutely must dress your child as Thomas Jefferson from Hamilton, who rocks the look as well a certain Prince from Minneapolis. You can score a purple coat with velvet accents or go for a purple velour track suit. Set off all the purple with a white ruffled lapel blouse.


King George III

Royal White Wig, $20, Amazon; Jewel-Encrusted Crown, $9, Amazon; Cruella De Vil Costume, $61, Amazon; Gold Chain, $8, Amazon

You kid will love wearing the royal white wig that's an integral part of this costume. And the plush jewel-encrusted crown will go over well is your kid is filled with attitude. To recreate King George III's Hamilton look, score the white fur jacket from a Cruella De Vil Costume. Top the royal look off with tons of bling.


George Washington

Shield, $25, Amazon; Buccaneer Hat, $20, Amazon, Colonial Kid-Sized White Wig, $13, Amazon; Velvet Single-Breasted Boy's Blazer, $84, Amazon; Black Boots, $30, Amazon

As the leader of the Continental Army, George Washington ruled with might. Recreate his militia look with a toy sword and sheath and shield. The buccaneer hat is non-negotiable, but the colonial kid-size white wig is (Hamilton's George Washington went sans wig). A velvet single-breasted boy's blazer is not only perfect for this costume, it's totally re-wearable. As for the black boots to tie this look together, your kid will also get lots of wear of them throughout the winter.


Angelica Schuyler

Crinoline, $10, Amazon; Dainty Peach Girls Gown, $48, Amazon

What a peach. Yes, your daughter, but also Angelica Schuyler's gown. You can buy a crinoline to wear under a dainty peach girl's gown. Round out the costume with some white lace gloves to give Angelica the flare she deserves.


Eliza Schuyler Hamilton

Brown Bobby Pins, $8, Amazon

Don't worry about finding a blue gown (blue is Eliza Schuyler's signature color). All you have to do is search for an Elsa costume and score the dress. If your girl is a natural brunette, part her hair down the middle and pin each side back with brown bobby pins.


Peggy Schuyler

Vintage Style White Lace Scarf, $6, Amazon; Girls Ugg Boots in Tan, $69-$199, Amazon

Peggy Schuyler's signature color is yellow. You can snag a Disney Princess yellow gown and pair it with a vintage style white lace scarf. Don't forget the curly dirty blonde wig, which you can style yourself into an up-do. For the sake of comfort, let your kid parade in a pair of girls Ugg boots in tan that not only match Peggy's gown, but are a fantastic winter investment shoe.

Correction: A previous version of this story mislabeled Thomas Jefferson. It has been updated to reflect the accurate character.