7 Emergency New Year’s Eve Hacks To Rescue The Evening

With sparkly dresses, parties galore, and the opportunity to drink till you drop, New Year's Eve can be one of the most fun nights of the year. I say can because all that craziness also offers a lot of opportunity for mishaps, ones that can sadly bring an awesome night to a screeching halt. This is why emergency New Year’s Eve hacks were invented, as they can help you gracefully escape any mishaps the occur before — and beyond — the stroke of midnight. Since New Year's Eve seems like a night where it legitimately anything can happen (and, let’s face it, that feeling comes by pretty rarely on a given night for partying), you don’t want those positive aspirations to come completely crashing down due to some “disaster” that could easily be solved with some ingenuity.

As long as you’re not so drunk that you can look at the situation rationally, there are plenty of ways to prevent yourself from (sometimes literally) crash landing into the new year. If you’re not the type to be prepared, perhaps this list will give you an idea of all the random accidents that could totally occur on this night, and if you’re the type to get all worked up over a tiny setback ruining your perfect evening, feel free not to let a silly little mishap cramp your style. After all, You’ve got to fight for your right to party. So put some solid effort into turning those fails around courtesy of these hacks.


Your Dress Rips

Depending on the size and placement of the rip, you have two potential options. First, head to the nearest CVS and grab safety pins to close the gap and keep your dress safe until you can fix it for real. For really bad rips, grab some duct tape and use it to cover up the hole on both sides. It may not be perfect, but just remember it's New Year's Eve, so no one is going to remember anyway.


You Broke A Heel

The first fix is to run out and grab some superglue. But if that's not an option, try chewing a few pieces of gum and use it as your glue. Push the broken heel into the show, and ake sure you give it time to set. (I.e. no dancing till the gum's worked it's magic.) Granted, this solution isn't going to get you super far, but at the very least you won't be barefoot.


You’re Not Wearing Enough For The Weather

Doesn’t this feel like it happens every time? Even if the weather feels nice at the beginning of the evening, remember that temperatures can drop quickly and unexpectedly at any point. So, word to the wise: bring a cardigan or extra scarf in your bag just in case.

If you’re already out and there’s no going back, stick near all the crowds (which shouldn’t be too hard on NYE). The body heat of all the people packed densely together will be enough to warm you up a bit while working your way indoors to a bar.


Your Zipper Gets Stuck

New Year's Eve dress zippers are the worst, no question. If your zipper gets stuck, grab a graphite pencil and apply it along the teeth. This is like the zipper equivalent of WD-40, and will grease the area so that the pull moves back up.


Someone Spills Their Drink On You

If this happens to you, order some club soda at the bar. Then use it to blot — not rub! — the area that's stained, and leave it damp to work its way into the stain. Club soda even works on red wine, making it the perfect catch-all stain solution at a bar.


You Get Buzzed Early In The Night

There’s one hack to help with this one — order something to eat. It won’t immediately sober you all up, per se, but it will slow down the rate you’re sipping down your drinks so that you actually have energy left to make it to midnight.


You Can’t Get An Uber Without Spending A Whole Paycheck

Before you start the evening, download Lyft, Sidecar, and other ride-sharing apps you can open in addition to Uber so you have more options (And have your friends do this too.)

If you’re already out and can’t seem to get any cars, walk a few blocks away from where you are to a less-populated area. Cars are more likely to come get you if they don’t have to weave through tons and tons of people and traffic, especially on New Year’s Eve.

Images: Noel Teo/Flickr; Giphy (7)