7 Essential Makeup Tips For Glasses Wearers

by Suzanne Samin

Flashback to my high school prom in 2009. I enlisted the help of some nice makeup counter ladies at my local department store to help me get my prom look on point. It was all going well until I was told eye makeup for glasses wearers wasn’t really a thing.

“Well I guess it doesn’t really matter if you have eyeshadow on, because of those glasses.”

Yes, gentle readers, you read that correctly. Apparently, my eye makeup for my prom – my prom! - didn’t matter because I’d be wearing glasses and therefore the world wouldn’t be able to savor the effects of thick glittery eyeshadow and perfectly curled eyelashes. Sure, the glasses would maybe distract from the makeup a bit, but they’re still, you know, clear pieces of glass that you can see through.

But there’s a rather common belief that eye makeup for glasses wearers is useless or tacky. As a result, many people defect to contact lenses as soon as possible. Me? I don’t trust myself to take things out of the microwave, much less take something out of my eye every night (my precious, vulnerable little eyeballs.)

So if you’re like me and just can’t part with your spectacles, here are seven tips for making sure your makeup and your glasses live in perfect harmony.


Apply Simple, But Dramatic Eye Makeup

I hate to admit it, but the ladies of my prom glam squad weren’t totally wrong. If you wear glasses, you might want to skip on the detailed eyeshadow. Mainly because glasses get in the way, and people won’t be able to fully appreciate your artistry. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear any eye makeup at all. Go for a dramatic eyeliner mixed with a simple, neutral shade.

Or, you know, just wear whatever the heck you want. That’s also an option.


Use Your Primer

Anyone who wears glasses knows those suckers like to slide down your nose. Unfortunately, this can cause a build up of foundation on your nose, which is not a good look. That’s why primer is a lifesaver. This miracle product acts as a glue that keeps your makeup from falling off your face. Invest in a quality primer and make sure to apply it before putting on your foundation.


Spritz On A Setting Spray

Speaking of your makeup sliding all over your face, you may want to invest in a setting spray to keep your makeup more secure. Certain makeup lines will have different sprays for different kinds of skin, including special ones for those of us who get oily. Once your look is perfect, spray this stuff all over your beautiful face to give yourself an extra safety net.


Remember Under Eye Concealer

Forgive me for stating the obvious, but glasses generally magnify your eyes and draw attention to your eye area. So if you’ve got more under eye bags than a Delta airlines baggage claim, you’ll want to conceal those babies with some under eye concealer. Besides, it helps you look more awake and generally alive, which I feel like everyone needs every once in a while.


Switch Out Your Frames

Take it from me: a good pair of frames can change your entire look. I have two pairs of glasses: a pair of mint green cateye frames, and a pair of wide black ones. I change them up to match my outfits or my mood, and it really does make a difference. Sometimes, the only thing you need to enhance your look is a funky pair of frames, or even a brightly colored pair. Keep a few tucked away in your dresser for when you need a change.


Create An Accessory Balance

Certain stylists suggests women with glasses stay away from statement earrings, because too much jewelry close to your head will distract from your beautiful face. Instead, they recommend studs or simple drop earrings. This may be one of those, “Do want you want anyway,” rules, but it’s worth noting.


Be Confident

Let’s face it, girls with glasses get a bad rap. We’re considered dorky, bookish, prudish, and a number of less-than-flattering adjectives. But us bespectacled beauties know better. We’re super hot, we just also need glass and plastic on our faces so we don’t run into street lamps. The key to being beautiful while wearing glasses is being confident in yourself and rocking the sh*t out of them. If you feel good about your look on the inside, the rest will follow.

Images: Ivan Kruk/Fotolia; Giphy (7)