7 Father's Day Activities For Kids Of Single Moms

Growing up without my real father around was something that hurt me for the better part of my youth. I didn't understand why, even though I was his child, he didn't want to have constant communication with me. I understood that we didn't live in the same city or state, but it was still something that took me a while to grasp and more so, get over. And the feeling was especially painful around Father' Day. But my mom, being the great woman that she is, always found a way to take away that feeling with Father's Day activities for kids with single moms.

Although I can't deny that my stepfather was, and still is, an incredible parental figure, it was truly my mother who talked to me and made me understand that my real father's absence in my life wasn't my fault. She never bad mouthed him or made me think negatively of him, but she did her best to remind me that the focus couldn't be on someone who didn't want to be around. Being that my stepfather worked a lot when I was younger, we often didn't spend many holidays with him. That never stopped my mom from making Father's Day special for us though. Whether that meant taking us for Slurpee's or just piling up in the living room to watch movies, my mom made sure to have activities for us on Father's Day.

If Slurpee's aren't accessible around your city, these seven alternate activities can be done to replace it.


Spend The Day With Another Father Figure

Before my stepfather came along, my mother would take my sister and I to spend time with my grandfather on Father's Day. Not only did it give her the opportunity to be around her favorite guy, it gave us the opportunity to celebrate too.


Get Together With Other Single Moms And Have A Party

My mom and her friend Brenda, who had four children of her own, would take all the kids out to do something fun on Father's Day. By getting together with other children of single moms, your kids realize that they are not alone in their situation.


Have A Talk About Why Dad Is Not Around

For the first few years of my life after my parent's divorced, my mom would always remind me that I was not the cause of my real father not being around. Though she didn't give me specifics, she was as honest as she could be with me about why he wasn't around.


Play Sports With Them

Growing up as sport lovers, my sister and I loved a good game of basketball and even played a little baseball. Taking your child outside and playing a few games will help take their mind off of not having dad around.


Tackle A To-Do List Together

Have your child make a list of things they would like to do on the day in advance. On the day of, try to knock out as many as you can together.


Spend A Day At The Movies

Whether my mom believed that dinner and a movie fixed everything or not, it was definitely something that took my mind off of anything my real father wasn't around for. Taking your kids to a movie or two could possibly do the same for them.


Head To The Pool

Since Father's Day lands in the summer, what better way to enjoy time with one another than to head to the pool (or beach if you're lucky) together?